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The amazing practice of massage dates back to healing methods derived from customs and techniques that are deeply rooted in ancient history. Civilizations in the East and West discovered early on that the practice of massage could promote the natural healing of injuries, provide pain relief, and cure illnesses. Even more, they found that massages not only produced a deep sense of relaxation in individuals, but helped reduce stress and cardiovascular issues. Nowadays, a massage is a wonderful way to treat a bevy of ailments while promoting inner peace.

Are you interested in finding a massage center in your area? Browse massage near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of massage centers in your area. Need a bit more information on the art of massage? Read on for interesting facts and trivia!

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Massage Near Me – Massage Trivia

What was one of the earliest forms of massage?

One of the earliest forms of massage emerged in India in 3,000 BCE (possibly earlier). This type of massage is believed to be divine in origin and was passed down orally from generation to generation as a practice of holistic medicine. Dubbed Ayurveda, this type of massage is a traditional form of holistic therapy in India. Ancient seers and holistic scientists worked to develop this system of massage based on centuries of experimentation, meditations, and studies. Historians have found detailed texts that provided insight into Ayurvedic principles and practices that are believed to have been written between 1500 and 500 BC. This type of massage was widely used in India and Southeast Asia. Now massage is prevalent in just about every country in the world.

massage near me

A deep tissue massage can prove as beneficial to the body as an 8 hour sleep. That’s an amazing difference!

When did massages become big in American culture?

If you’re searching massage near me in the United States, then you know in recent years the practice of massage has reached peak interest. Despite its current popularity, massages didn’t gain popularity in the US until the latter half of the 20th century. While in the early 20th century massage techniques were introduced and practiced, it wasn’t until World War I patients returned from combat that massage was used to treat a variety of ailments including nerve injury. Despite its on shell shocked war veterans, massage remained out of the mainstream consciousness for several years and was deemed a practice for the wealthy. It also gained a pretty distasteful reputation as being part of the sex trade when massage parlors were often used for unsavory acts. As the 20th century rolled on, interest began to peak in the healing potential of massage and many people began to realize the natural healing present in message. More and more places began offering massages and eventually states began to regular the practice and standards of education emerged. As a result, massage earned legitimacy and was seen as a respectable form of alternative medicine.

Massage Near Me – Massage Facts

Massage can be performed anywhere

While searching massage near me, keep in mind that many of the businesses that you call will indeed come to you. That’s right, many massage therapists consider it part of their practice to make house calls for individuals who simply can’t make it out of the house. House calls have become prevalent because massage can be performed just about anywhere. While many massage therapists will bring their own bed, some will perform massage on a table, chair, couch, or even a bed. The type of massage you receive often depends on your unique needs or individual ailments.

Improving overall Health

Massages not only promote relaxation and a deep sense of inner peace, but they are highly beneficial to an individual’s overall health. For example, messages that gently pull on the ears-especially the top, middle, and bottom of the outer earlobes can help strengthen the immune system. It has also been proven that healthy touch of any kind can quickly and drastically improve an individual’s cardiovascular health.

Specialized Massage

While searching massage near me, consider booking yourself a specialized massage for an extra touch of healing. A specialized massage is designed to improve the flow of lymph through the body, which can relieve aches, pains, and flu like symptoms. A specialized massage has also been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins, which acts a natural pain killer in the body. Most holistic doctors agree that a 60 minute massage whether specialized or not is about the same as 7-8 hours of sleep for your body.

The Effect of Stress On The Body

According to most doctors, stress is responsible for around 80% of all disease and illness in ailing individuals. Not only does stress weaken the immune system and make us feel run down, but it can compromise the heart and other functions of the body. Massage can drastically cut stress in half and is a proven way of eliminating excess stress from the body. If you’re searching massage near me, then you’re already on the path to overall wellness.

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