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Considering that we as humans spend one third of our entire lives sleeping, it makes sense that we’d want to make the process as comfortable and painless as possible. Finding the right mattress can truly be the difference between a restorative sleep and a night spent tossing and turning. While most people don’t give much thought to their mattress unless there’s something wrong, routinely replacing an old mattress and following simple cleanliness tips can help you get a better night’s sleep.To find the perfect mattress, you’ll first need to visit a mattress store!

Are you interested in finding a mattress store in your region? Simply browse mattress store near me on the map below and find a list of mattresses near you. Need a bit more information on mattresses? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more!

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Mattress Store Near Me – Mattress Store Trivia

What is the most popular type of mattress?

There are dozens of mattress types on the market today, but not every type boasts the same level of comfort or durability. What is currently the most popular type of mattress? Consider this as you search mattress store near me. According to statistics, innerspring mattresses are sold more than any other type of mattress in the US. They typically account for 80% of all mattress sales. Despite being overwhelmingly popular, these types of mattresses tend to bear the lowest overall satisfaction ratings. In fact, only 63% of individuals who own innerspring mattresses report getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. In contrast, 80% of memory foam users report being comfortable and well rested thanks to their mattress choice. So why are innerspring mattresses so popular despite being relatively uncomfortable? Price! Most innerspring mattresses are still priced well below memory foam or latex mattresses. This can make them an appealing option for those on a budget. Luckily, as the memory foam trend continues, the cost of these types of mattresses will go down.

mattress store near me

Visiting a mattress store can help you make an informed decision!

When should you actually find the mattress you want?

If you suspect you’re going to replace your mattress soon or even in the coming days of week, do some research prior to going to the mattress store. Consider this tip as you search mattress store near me. Mattress stores often run big sales, especially around holidays such as Columbus Day or Presidents Day. While this can be a great time to snag a good deal on a mattress, it can also be a hectic time to shop if you haven’t committed to doing some research first. On sale days, mattress stores are typically far more crowded than usual and salespeople are often juggling several customers at once. If you take the time to pick out the perfect mattress ahead of time, you can cruise right in and ring up the mattress of your choice without any of the frustrating hassle. Researching your potential mattress before visiting a store can also give you a good idea of how the same mattress may be priced at several different mattresses stores. When you’re educated on what’s what, you can make a good decision without the sales person giving their two cents.

Mattress Store Near Me – Mattress Store Facts

Be Wary of Pillow Tops

Obviously the idea of a pillow top mattress sounds pretty fantastic in theory, but unfortunately these mattresses don’t always hold up to their pillowy name. If you’re searching mattress store near me in hopes of finding the perfect mattress for your needs, you’ll want to consider which mattress type will work in the long term. Experts recommend being wary of pillow tops because the layer on top can easily give customers a false comfort reading. Though they may feel good at the beginning, this pillow top layer will quickly flatten out over purchase. Once the layer is flattened, you’re pretty much just left with a regular old innerspring mattress. Another downside of pillow tops is that they are much thicker than a traditional mattress. This means you might have tos hell out for some deep pocket sheets just to get a set that can fit overtop of your mattress. More often than not, deep pocket sheets will cost you a bit more than a regular sheet set.

Can you recycle your old mattress?

One of the biggest hassles of buying a new mattress or searching mattress store near me is figuring out what to do with your old mattress. Since mattress are very big and bulky, most people don’t really know what to do with them once they get a new one. This is especially difficult if you’re not someone who owns a truck. One option is to send the mattress to a landfill. Unfortunately, mattresses that end up in landfills can take up space for centuries, as they do not break down easily and the metal parts will not break down much at all. Instead, you can recycle your old mattress. Some laws actually require individuals with mattresses to throw away to either donate them or recycle them as they dont’ want them taking up space in dumps or landfills. The springs and metal parts found in mattresses can easily be repurposed and made into new items. The wood and fibers found in mattress can become a fuel source and the foams can be recycled into paddings for all types of applications, including football equipment! When you recycle your mattress, you don’t just help yourself, you help the earth as well. What could be better than that?

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