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The average human will spend 9,125 days of their lives just sleeping. This means that finding the proper mattress and getting a good night’s sleep is not only important to your physical health, it can be important to your mental health as well. A good mattress is what truly makes for a proper night of sleep.

Are you interested in finding a mattress store near you? Simply browse mattress stores near me on the map below and find a list of mattress stores located within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on mattress stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on mattresses and sleep!

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True or false: The concept of the mattress dates back to prehistoric times.

The mattress itself may be fairly modern in its invention, but the concept of the mattress of itself is believed to date back to prehistoric times. Historians have evidence that our early human ancestors lied on piles of leaves, straw, and animal skins. These prehistoric individuals found that they were able to sleep far more comfortably and soundly than they could on a simple hard surface. These early “mattresses” provided a better night’s sleep which eventually lead to more productivity during daylight hours. As greater numbers of individuals began to leave behind a nomadic hunting lifestyle for a more settled, agrarian approach to life, primitive furnishings including that of the bed began to develop and transform over time. For the most part, the development of the mattress is directly linked to the development of the bed itself. Many ancient societies viewed the bed as the most important piece of furniture in the household. It was a gathering place where individuals dined, relaxed, and slept. Overtime, bed frames became very elaborate, often including artistry in the form of carvings or embellishments. Those who were in an upper class revealed in these beautiful bed frames. Despite the sophistication of the bed, mattresses remained largely uncomfortable and pretty crude. Up until the 20th century, the mattress was nothing more than a lumpy pad that was filled with horse hair, cotton, or even rags. The less money you had, the worse your mattress would be. As you search mattress stores near me, consider just how far mattresses and mattress technology has come since the early days of bed pads and animal skins.

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Mattress stores offer dozens of brands and options to help you get a good night’s sleep!

When did mattresses with springs first emerge?

If you’re searching mattress stores near me, then you know that many early mattresses included springs or coils. These stabilizing interior springs are considered the single most significant advancement in mattress design and comfort. First developed in the mid 1800s, these uniform springs were placed inside layers of upholstery. This meant that manufacturers could imbue the mattress with a firm, resilient, and uniform texture. These innerspring mattresses were technologically more advanced, but they were also incredibly expensive to manufacture. At the beginning, only luxury ships and hotels who could pass the cost along to their wealthy patrons were able to purchase and utilize these mattresses. It was not until the years after World War I that innerspring mattresses were first mass produced by Zalmon Simmons, Jr.

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Standard Sizes

There’s one thing that just about everyone knows while searching mattress stores near me and that’s that each mattress comes in a standard uniform size. Today ,nearly all mattresses are manufactured according to these standard sizes. The standardization of mattresses was first initiated by the industry itself to resolve andy dimensional discrepancies that would inevitably occur between companies that were manufacturing beds and those that were making mattresses. After all, what good was a bed if the mattress itself wouldn’t fit within the confines of the frame? Without communication, one would render the other completely obsolete. To solve this issue, manufacturer’s settled on a few standard sizes that are still used today. They are: the twin bed (39 inches wide and 74 inches long), the double bed (54 inches wide and 74 inches long, the queen bed (60 inches wide and 80 inches long), and the king bed (78 inches wide and 80 inches long). Not only did these standard sizes mean big things for mattress and bed companies, but they eventually proved an invaluable resource to linen manufacturing companies who could make standard sizes in fitted sheets and quilts/comforters.

A Bevy of Coils

In the modern day, there are so many kinds of mattresses to choose from at just about every price point. The most typical form of mattress still contains coil springs, unlike memory foam mattresses which don’t contain any springs whatsoever. A typical coil spring mattress contains between 250 and 1,000 coil springs. Mattresses that use fewer coil springs normally require a heavier gauge of wire than those with more springs. It is highly common for an inner spring unit mattress to utilize as much as 2,000 linear feet of steel wire, with the individual coils joining in several ways. One of the most common methods of joining wires is to implement a helical or a corkscrew shaped wire that runs along the top and bottom of the springs, thus lacing the coils together. Stiff wires are then used on the borders of the mattress and attached along the perimeter to stabilize. Of course, as previously mentioned, many mattress companies are stepping away from the coil spring mattress in favor of memory foam mattresses. Companies such as Tempurpedic and Casper are leading the charge in terms of coil free mattresses. As you search mattress stores near me, consider just what kind of mattress you’d prefer. A memory foam or a spring mattress.

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