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As one of America’s longest running and most beloved fast food chains, McDonald’s is often the preferred restaurant for those trying to grab a quick bite on the go. With a bevy of classic menu items and more modern fare, there’s always something to suit every taste palette at a McDonald’s. McDonald’s also offers a full in house cafe, which can whip up specialty coffee drinks and baked goods in a flash.

Are you interested in finding a McDonald’s near you? Simply browse McDonald near me on the map below and find a list of McDonald’s locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more info on this classic fast food chain? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You might just learn something new.

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McDonald Near Me – McDonald Trivia

What year was McDonald’s first established?

For many of us, McDonald’s is a place of nostalgia and history. As one of America’s longest running fast food chains, it has played a role in the lives of people all across the globe. Do you know when McDonald’s was first established? Consider these facts as you search McDonald near me. According to brand historians, McDonald’s was first established in 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who opened up the first restaurant- a barbecue joint- in San Bernardino California. The barbecue restaurant was a success, but not on the scale that the McDonald brothers had hoped. Eight years later, they decided to switch to more classic fare, serving up burgers, shakes, potato chips, and pie. This proved a much more successful model for the brothers, who were suddenly experiencing an influx of customers eager to get their hands on a McDonald’s burger. In a twist of fate, when McDonald’s decided to purchase several multi-mixers to use in their establishment, a multi-mixer salesman by the name of Ray Kroc visited the restaurant. Kroc was incredibly impressed by all of McDonald’s success and their overall operation. He decided to purchase the franchise rights from the brothers in hopes of expanding the McDonald’s brand. By 1955, Kroc was opening his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. The brand spread like wildfire across the United States, quickly blooming into one of America’s most recognizable brands. The very first McDonald’s drive thru was established in 1975 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The concept was reportedly inspired by a local military base nearby, as the soldiers were not allowed to leave their vehicles if wearing fatigues, thus necessitating a drive thru window.

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With many locations open 24 hours, you can almost always find a McDonald’s open near you.

How long is the average McDonald’s transaction?

Every fast food chain wants to serve customers in a quick and effective manner without compromising food quality or customer satisfaction. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Consider this as you search McDonald near me. On average, a McDonald’s drive-thru transaction typically takes around three minutes from beginning to end, that’s 189.49 seconds. Unfortunately, for McDonald’s they’re not the quickest name in the game. That honor belongs to Wendy’s restaurants, who can serve up a single drive-thru customer in an efficient 133.63 seconds.

McDonald Near Me – McDonald Facts

Does the Coca Cola Really taste better?

For years, many McDonald’s patrons have argued that the Coca-Cola served up at McDonald’s locations somehow tastes better than the cola being served up at other restaurants. Some say this is all in the minds of McDonald’s loving patrons. Others have done some research to concoct a theory explaining the difference in taste between McDonald’s Coca-Cola and the cola being served up at other fast food establishments. The theory? McDonald’s coke syrup is delivered in stainless steel tanks to preserve its freshness and overall taste. The syrup is transported in plastic bags to every other restaurant. Some believe that it is the method of delivery that can account for the slight difference in taste that many diners pick up on. So while, the Coke itself might not be better, the delivery method for McDonald’s restaurants certainly is. Have you noticed a difference in the taste of Coke at McDonalds? Think about your prior experiences while searching McDonald near me.

The World’s Biggest Toy Distributor

As a child, a trip to McDonald’s meant a Happy meal with chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and of course a new toy! Adding a toy to each Happy Meal has not only lead to a lot of happy children, it’s allowed McDonald’s to become the largest toy distributor in the world. Once the restaurant debuted their iconic happy meals in June of 1979, McDonald’s quickly rose to the top as the number one toy distributor, beating out toy stores such as Toys “R” Us for the title. Given that a whopping twenty percent of all McDonald’s sales go to Happy Meals, which always include a free toy, it’s not surprising that each year they shell out a whopping 1.5 million toys to children and adults. The Happy Meal alone represents more than $3 billion annual sales for the chain, that’s more than the total sales of Wendy’s and Burger King. Though both Burger King and Wendy’s offer kids meals with toys at their restaurants, children seem to prefer the Happy Meal. As you search McDonald near me, consider how Happy Meals have played a role in your life or the lives of your children? Do you find yourself often feeling nostalgic for one of these classic meals?

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