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With millions of people served daily, McDonald’s has played an amazing role in shaping international culture and fast food ever since opening its first restaurant 76 years ago in 1940. As the world’s largest chain of hamburger based fast food restaurants, McDonald’s has become an iconic part of American culture and life.

With 14,157 restaurants in the US alone, this fast and delicious restaurant is accessible to most Americans, no matter how rural their town. Interested in finding a McDonald’s near you? Simply browse McDonald’s near me on the map below and find a McDonald’s location in your area. Need a bit more information on this fast food icon? Read on for facts, trivia, and the top five coolest McDonald’s restaurants in the US.

McDonald’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

McDonald’s Near Me – McDonald’s Trivia

True or false: McDonald’s was originally a Barbecue joint.

While searching for McDonalds near me, odds are you’re not looking for barbecue. Even though McDonald’s is synonymous with burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, and ice cream; the brand initially began as a barbecue restaurant in San Bernardino, CA in 1940. Eight years after McDonald’s barbecue was established, they switched gears and started making burgers, shakes, potato chips, and pie. The brand purchased several multi-mixers to use in their establishment and when the multi-mixer salesman Ray Kroc visited, he was impressed by the way they ran their restaurant. He was so impressed that he purchased franchise rights from the original owners. In 1955, Kroc opened his first McDonald’s franchise in Illinois, selling burgers, fries, and other classic America food.

mcdonalds near me

The McDonald’s Museum in Des Plaines, Illinois. The structure is built to mimic the original McDonald’s location.

True or false: There are more McDonald’s locations than hospitals in the US.

As crazy as this may sound, this fact is true! There are more than one and half times more McDonald’s locations in the United States than hospitals. The number of hospitals comes in at 10,660, while the number of McDonald’s restaurants is well over 14,000. What does this mean? While one could conclude that Americans love their McDonald’s more than they love healthcare, this spike is likely attributed to the cost of building a hospital versus the cost of building a McDonald’s. McDonald’s locations also take up way less space than the average hospital.

How long does the average McDonald’s drive thru transaction take?

Perhaps you’re searching McDonald’s near me because you’re itching to hit their famous drive thru. Want to know how long you might spend in that drive thru? You’ve come to the right place. The average McDonald’s drive thru transaction takes roughly three minutes or 189.49 seconds. While this might seem pretty fast, Wendy’s actually boasts the quickest drive thru with a 133.63 second turn around time. We consider food in under three minutes pretty fast no matter which way you look at it!

McDonald’s Near Me – McDonald’s Facts

The Ronald McDonald House Charity

If you’re searching McDonald’s near me, you’ve likely heard of their spokesman Ronald McDonald. If you’re a true McDonald’s lover than you’ve also heard of the charity that shares his name. You know the little plastic charity container for the Ronald McDonald House found at nearly every McDonald’s cash register? Well those dimes and pennies actually add up. In 2013, the charity raised $450 million dollars to help nearly 9 million children and their families worldwide. The charity currently operates 300 local chapters in 58 countries and regions. Proof that a little really does go a long way!

The Iconic Golden Arches

After finding a McDonalds near me, you’ll likely spot the famous golden arches along the way. Not only are the McDonald’s Golden Arches one of the most recognized symbols in the world, but they were originally penned by McDonald’s founder Richard McDonald. He first sketched the arches as an architectural feature to attract customers in from the roadside. Unfortunately it took 5 more years for McDonald’s initial sketch for the arches to link into an M as they do today. Now it’d be hard to imagine a McDonald’s without those famous golden arches.

The Three Coolest McDonald’s in the World

If your quest to find a McDonald’s near me brings you to one of these locations, consider yourself lucky. These are three of the coolest McDonald’s franchises in the world.

1. The New Zealand Airplane McDonalds

This famous location allows McDonald’s customers to dine in an actual retired air craft. What could be more interesting than eating your Big Mac in what was once a functioning plane?

2. The Eureka Springs McDonald’s in Arkansas

This McDonald’s location looks like a Victorian style Barbie dream house inside and out. While the menu may be the same, the experience is anything but ordinary.

3. The First McDonalds, California

Want to take a trip down memory lane? The first McDonald’s still stands in all of it’s old school glory. Not much has changed about this McDonalds except the menu and paint. Employees even still don the 1950’s style uniforms!

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