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Suffering from a genetic disorder? You may want to see a medical geneticist for help. A medical geneticist is a highly trained specialist who works in general medicine, genetic diagnosis, and the treatment of patients suffering from genetic disorders. They employ tests in molecular genetics, cytogenetics, and biochemical tests to help diagnose and treat patients suffering from diseases that would otherwise go undetected.

Eager to find a medical geneticist near you? Simply browse medical geneticist near me on the map below and find a list of qualified medical geneticists in your area. Need a bit more information on medical genetics? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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What is medical genetics?

When it comes to medical genetics, there can be some confusion as to the difference between medical and human genetics. After all, aren’t these things one in the same? Well, not exactly. As you search medical geneticist near me, consider what the branch of medical genetics deals with everyday. Medical genetics involves the diagnosis and treatment of all hereditary disorders. A hereditary disorder is any medical condition that has been caused by an inherited or genetic DNA abnormality in the body. Medical genetics greatly differs from human genetics in that human genetics is a field of scientific research and does not always apply to medicine. Medical genetics refers to genetics within the medical realm, meaning treatment and diagnosis are all aspects of medical genetics. Research on the causes or inheritance of genetic disorders technically falls under the umbrella of both human and medical genetics. The major difference is that human genetics does not deal with the diagnosis, management, or counseling of individuals with genetic disorders. That’s the job of a medical geneticist. Always search for a medical geneticist near me rather than a human geneticist near me. One will give you less than desirable results.

medical geneticist near me

A medical geneticist can help you navigate the world of genetic disease.

How much does a medical geneticist make?

Interested in studying medical genetics? Your interest is going to peak after you find out just how much the average medical geneticist makes annually. While searching medical geneticist near me, consider the staggering statistics. According to the American Medical Association, the average take home pay of a medical geneticist is around $158,597. If that seems high- it is, but only when compared to the average salary of a working US citizen. In the medical field, this is far from the highest salary given to a specialist. That top honor goes to neurosurgeons, who will take home around $609,639 annually. Other high paying positions include the fields of dermatology, cardiology, oncology and plastic surgery.

What is a genetic disease?

Even if you’re searching medical geneticist near me, you might not know what a genetic disorder is or why they happen to some people and not others. A genetic disease is any sort of disease that is caused by an abnormality in your individual genum or the your entire genetic makeup. This abnormality can range from very minuscule to serious and debilitating. Some genetic disorders are inherited from your parents, others are caused by acquired changes or mutations that occur in a preexisting group of genes. Mutations can occur either randomly or as a result of environmental exposure.

Medical Geneticist Near Me – Medical Geneticist Facts

What is single-gene inheritance?

After searching medical geneticist near me and meeting with your doctor, you may find the phrase “single-gene inheritance” being tossed around quite a bit. Depending on your diagnosis, your treatment may even depend upon understanding this type of inheritance. But what is a single-gene inheritance. Also known as monogenic inheritance, single gene inheritance is a type of inheritance that is caused by changes or mutations that happen within the DNA sequence of just one gene. There are more than 6,000 gene disorders, which can occur in about 1 of every 200 births. These diseases are often referred to as monogenic disorders. Examples of these ypes of disorders include:

-Cystic fibrosis
-Sickle cell anemia
-Marfan syndrome
-Huntington’s disease

These single gene disorders are most often inherited in very recognizable patterns, making them easy for a medical geneticist to detect, diagnose, and treat. Still, they do have their fair share of complications, meaning medical diagnosis is key.

Chromosomal abnormalities

Sometimes, your condition is the result of a chromosomal abnormality. Something that a medical geneticist will address very early on in the process of diagnosing and managing your symptoms. Chromosomes are very distinct structures made up of DNA and protein. They are located in the nucleus of each individual cell. Because chromosomes carry genetic material, abnormalities in chromosome number or overall structure can result in disease. These abnormalities typically occur due to issues with cell division. Down syndrome is just one common disorder that can occur when a person has three copies of chromosome 21.Generally, these types of abnormalities are present at birth. Seeing a doctor to help cope with genetic issues is always ideal. Especially when navigating your health in the present and the future is at stake. Never feel too cautious when seeking medical care, most doctors appreciate you taking care of your health and well being.

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