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Whether you’re caring for a relative or simply taking care of your own medical needs, a medical supply store can be a great resource for supplies not carried by a traditional pharmacy. Depending on your condition or the condition of a loved one, a medical supply store is the only place to procure special beds, walking aids, bathroom aids, and other types of medical supplies to make life more comfortable. Of course, not every medical supply store carries the same goods at the same prices. Finding the one that’s right for you is the key to having your unique needs met the first time around!

Are you interested in finding quality medical supply stores near you? Simply browse medical supply stores near me on the map below and find a list of medical supply stores in your area. Need some tips on buying medical supplies? Read on for facts, trivia, and cost saving tips on medical supplies in your area.

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Medical Supply Stores Near Me – Medical Supply Stores Trivia

Should you purchase medical supplies online or in person?

In the digital age, it can seem rather tempting to make all of your purchases online and have your items conveniently shipped right to your front door. But is this always the best choice when it comes to medical supplies? Consider this as you search medical supply stores near me. Though shopping online can be a great resource for general items such as rubber gloves, antiseptic washes, or gauze pads; it’s not always a great choice for durable medical items such as beds, walkers, wheelchairs, and lifts. When it comes to these items, you get what you pay for, and judging the quality of an item online just isn’t possible. When you shop locally for your medical supplies, you get to try before you buy. Online retailers (despite their lower prices) have no way of providing you this service. In the case of items that may be subject to a patient’s height, frame, or even preference, this can lead to costly restocking fees should you buy an item online and not like it. For example, items such as patient lifts or slings are not typically returnable. Things that are returnable to online medical supply stores will typically come with a high restocking fee, sometimes as much as 15% of the total purchase price. In the same vein, you’ll also be responsible for returning the item, boxing it properly, and taking it to the shipper. All things that take the convenience out of online shopping. So while online medical supply stores can be great for items you already know you love and use frequently, the same cannot be said for items you’re not certain will work for you.

medical supply stores near me

A medical supply store can help you find what you need to feel comforted and well.

Is it ever okay to buy used medical equipment?

If you’re searching medical supply stores near me, then you know that costs can quickly escalate as you buy all of the supplies necessary to suit your needs. Much like healthcare itself, medical supplies aren’t cheap, which can make the idea of buying used equipment appealing to those who need to stay within a certain budget. Depending on the type of supplies you need, you might be able to purchase used items at a far lower cost than what new equipment sells for. Some items that can easily be purchased used are scooters, wheelchairs, lift chairs, and bed rails. You can often find used medical equipment on sites such as eBay and Goodwill Home Medical Equipment. You should also feel free to as ask friends, family members, and neighbors if they know anyone with medical equipment they no longer need. If you do decided to go with used equipment, air on the side of caution and exercise good judgement. Always make sure you see the equipment in person first and never make any upfront payments or put down a deposit prior to seeing the items. Always be smart and protect yourself when it comes to buying anything used.

Medical Supply Stores Near Me – Medical Supply Stores Facts

Talk To Your Doctor About Medical Supplies

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with an illness that could leave you needing costly medical supplies, all hope is not lost. It can seem overwhelming, but there are people that are willing to help you get the care you deserve without going bankrupt. As you search medical supply stores near me, start by talking with your doctor about any medical supplies you may need. When it comes to saving money, your doctor’s office is probably the last place on your list. Despite this, doctors can often help their patients to get good deals on the supplies they desperately need. Medical suppliers will almost always offer discounts to professionals in the field. Your doctor may be so kind as to agree to have your medical equipment shipped to his or her office so that you can get the item at a cheaper price. Of course, not every doctor will be so accommodating or agree to help out in this way but it’s always worth asking before you shell out first price. If your struggling financially but need equipment, there are agencies that can also help you to get the supplies you need without outrageous costs.

Medicare and Medicaid

Depending on your age and financial situation, you may be able to seek assistance in buying medical supplies by signing up for Medicare or Medicaid. Not everyone will meet the eligibility requirements, but those that do can get great coverage on necessary medical supplies. To qualify for Medicare, you typically will need to be at least 65 years of age. If you are under 65, you can also be eligible for medicare if you are receiving social security disability insurance or SSDI. In most cases, you qualify for medicare due to a disability you have been receiving SSDI checks for more than 24 months. To qualify for Medicaid, you will need to classify as a low income case, be a qualified pregnant woman, a child, or be receiving supplemental security income. If you successfully apply for Medicare or Medicaid, you might still find that all of your supply costs aren’t covered. Don’t fret. Even if your supply costs exceed the maximum allotment, you will still receive steep discounts to help you get the supplies you deserve without blowing your budget. As you search medical supply stores near me, keep any potential benefits you may qualify for in mind.

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