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Since 1994, MetroPCS has been offering cellular customers with excellent service and coverage at a price any individual could afford. With smart and efficient cell phone plans, ambitious coverage maps, and the latest phone models; MetroPCS makes sense for the mobile customer on a budget.

Are you interested in finding a MetroPCS near you? Simply browse MetroPCS on the map below and find the nearest MetroPCS branch to your location. Need a bit more information on this cell phone company? Read on for fast facts, information, and history on this wireless provider.

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MetroPCS Near Me – MetroPCS Trivia

What was MetroPCS originally named?

Before you could search MetroPCS near me, you would’ve had to search “General Wireless,” the original name of this brand. While the brand operated independently for several years, it merged with T-Mobile USA in 2012. The deal was touted as a way for both brands to stay competitive with other national carriers; specifically AT&T and Verizon. The company now trades on the New York Stock Exchange as TMUS.

metropcs near me

MetroPCS offers a wide variety of smartphones and tablets that are also offered by Verizon, AT&T, Spring, and T-Mobile.

Where is MetroPCS headquartered?

If you’re searching MetroPCS near me, you may be interested in knowing that this mobile company is currently headquartered in Richardson, Texas. The brand currently employs around 6,900 people and serves over 9 million customers in the US.

What is MetroPCS’s network reliability?

Currently, MetroPCS’s network reliability is at about 67%. Since the merger with T-Mobile, MetroPCS’s network reliability and coverage has been on the rise, helping users in just about every state find peace of mind with their cell phone network. While coverage is far from perfect at this current juncture, the T-Mobile merger will help MetroPCS to cover more the American map and not be so sporadic in service.

How much does a MetroPCS unlimited data plan cost?

If you’re searaching Metro PCS near me, then you’re probably wondering just how much a good unlimited data plan will set you back. The answer is: not much. While a majority of cell phone companies have done away with the unlimited plan model, Metro PCS still offers its consumers an unlimited plan for $30 a month. That means consumers can use as much data as they want without the fear of overages or data caps. That’s service we can all get behind!

True or false: MetroPCS does not believe in annual contracts.

This is true! While most American cell phone companies will have new customers sign a two year agreement that cannot be broken without facing a penalty, MetroPCS does not believe in annual contracts and does not force consumers to sign them. This freedom is alluring to consumers who are tired of being told they can’t leave for a different service or upgrade their phone until a certain date without facing high fees.

MetroPCS Near Me – MetroPCS Facts

Two Thirds of Americans Own A Smartphone

If you’re searching MetroPCS near me in hopes of finding yourself a smartphone, you’re surely not alone. Recent statistics have shown that nearly two-thirds (that’s 64% of) of all US adults own a smartphone. That’s up from 35% in 2011. Younger adults and those with higher levels of education are more likely to own a smartphone than other demographic groups.

Internet access

Call it being budget savvy or call it resourceful but a majority of young adults and lower income Americans depend on their smartphone as their only form of internet access. Of US adults who own a smartphone, 7% of them are totally dependent on their smartphones and do not have any broadband internet access. They only access the internet through their mobile device. Young adults are more likely than any other age group to be smartphone dependent, followed by Latinos. Lower income Americans also rely heavily on their smartphones for for going online and shopping.

Smartphone uses

If you’re searching MetroPCS near me, then you’re likely pretty savvy when it comes to smartphones. From texting to video chatting, you’re probably like most Americans in the ways you use your phone. While texting, talking, and email dominate how a majority of Americans use their smartphone, many are now using their phones to network, take videos, and catch up on the news. Three quarters of smartphone users reported using their phone mostly for social media, and 60% admitted to taking pictures and video more than half of the time. 55% of people interviewed admitted that they only got their news from the smart phone.

Smartphone Addiction

Since it’s inception, the smartphone has become an essential part of daily life. A recent study discovered that 46% of all smartphone users admit that their phone is something they couldn’t live without. This is compared to 54% of respondents who said that a phone is not always needed. Smartphone users who fully depend on their mobile device for everything (including surfing the wb) are more inclined to suffer from an over dependence on their device than those who have other means of getting on the web and communicating with others.

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