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The Mexican culture is very rich, and is easily accessible to Americans. The cuisine of Mexico is a unique fusion of the traditional dishes of the area and the Spanish influences due to the conquering of the Aztecs by the Spaniards, in the 1500s.

The food mainly consists of native vegetables such as corn, beans, tomatoes and chili peppers, along with European foods such as rice, meats (in particular beef, pork and chicken), dairy products (mainly cheese) and herbs and spices. There were also some historical influences from Africa and Asia, because of the Europeans bringing slaves across to the colony known as New Spain, today a part of Panama. It’s easy to find Mexican food near you, just search “Mexican food near me”

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What is a typical dinner in Mexico?

Dinner is the main meal of the day in Mexican culture. It is referred to as ‘comida’, meaning meal in Spanish. It often begins with either a chicken broth soup with pasta, or a ‘dry soup’, which is pasta or rice flavoured with vegetables. The main course is usually meat with salsa, beans and tortillas, and is often served with a fruit drink. In the evening, any leftovers from the comida are served, along with sweet bread, and coffee or chocolate.

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Nothing better than some authentic and delicious tacos.

What do Mexicans have for breakfast?

Breakfast for Mexicans is usually very hearty. It can consist of leftovers, meat in broth, tacos, enchiladas or meat and eggs. Usually a Mexican would also have coffee or juice too.

What is the difference between Mexican food and Tex-Mex?

Traditional Mexican food is very different from Tex-Mex, which is what is usually served as ‘Mexican food’ outside of Mexico. Tex-Mex is a fusion of Mexican food and American food, which has spread from Mexico into the south-west of America, mostly in Texas. Tex-Mex makes heavy use of shredded cheese, meat, beans and spices. Chili con carne, nachos and fajitas are all Tex-Mex foods, not true Mexican dishes. The name Tex-Mex comes from the Texas-Mexican railway of the late 1800s.

How did the Spanish culture influence Mexican cuisine?

As said, the Mexican cuisine was greatly influenced by the Spanish conquistadors. Their main contribution was the addition of meats and cheese. The diet before the Spanish influence did not contain dairy at all, and the only meat came from domesticated turkey. The Spaniards introduced pork, chicken, sheep, goat and beef meats, and also introduced dairy. Today, Mexican cheesemaking has evolved independently, and it is frequently made at home.

How important is cooking to Mexico?

In most areas of Mexico, and particularly in rural areas, cooking is very important to the household. Most of the food used is grown and harvested locally. Also, cooking is considered to be a rite of passage for young women. In traditional times a girl was considered ready to be married when she was able to cook, and cooking is considered to be the main focus of a housewife.

How has American food influenced Mexico?

One good example of American food influencing Mexican food is the hot dog. During the 1900s, Mexicans began to eat hot dogs, but prepared Mexican-style, by boiling it, then wrapping it in bacon and frying both together. They are served in a usual hotdog bun, but then served along with diced tomatoes, onions and jalapeno peppers.

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Mexican Food Near Me – Mexican Food Facts

Prior to the Spanish influence, Mexican food had changed very little over the years. Much of what was served in traditional Mexican food was derived from what the Mayans ate, two thousand years ago!

Mexican food differs depending on each region of the country. In the north, there are a lot of meats and cheeses. Along the north Pacific coast, fruits and vegetables are grown and used. The Bajio region in central Mexico makes use of rice, pork and sausages. The southern Pacific area is home to peppers, chicken and cheeses. The southern region is best known for corn and spices. The area near the Gulf of Mexico uses a lot of corn.

Mexican cuisine makes use of all of the parts of a cow, including the usual parts, and also the stomach, uterus, testicles, udder and tongue.

During Cinco de Mayo festivities, Mexicans will eat several types of dishes, including churros with coconut sauce, Mexican lasagna, enchiladas and salsa salads.

Some unusual ingredients in Mexican dishes include iguana, spider monkey and rattlesnake!

Traditional Mexican food is low in fat, and high in vitamins and minerals.

Mexico has made a lot of contributions to the world of cuisine, including chocolate, vanilla, avocados, tomatoes (which were taken back to Europe from Mexico), corn and chili peppers.

In some parts of Mexico, flowers are eaten. Flores de calabaza (squash blossoms) and Flor de izote (yucca flowers) are often consumed as parts of soups, stews and quesadillas.

Mexican cooking traditionally uses its own utensils. A molcajete is a small mortar used to grind spices. A comal is a large flat pan used to heat tortillas, and a molinillo is a wooden whisk used to froth chocolate.

In 2010, Mexican cuisine was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Mexican cuisine is one of only two cooking styles on the list, the other being French.

Disneyland helped to create Doritos. In the 1960s, Mexican workers at Disneyland restaurants fried up leftover tortillas and added flavoring and seasoning. The Vice President of Marketing at Frito-Lays noticed the food at the park, and made a deal with the restaurant company. Doritos were later released nationally in 1966. The name comes from the Spanish word ‘doradito’, which means golden-brown.

Traditional guacamole doesn’t actually contain garlic or lime!

Margaritas are not believed to be a Mexican invention. The most commonly believed theory is that they were invented by the daughter of a German ambassador who had traveled to Mexico. She was experimenting with tequilas, and accidentally created margaritas instead.

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