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Hola! Feeling up for some Chili con carne? Or maybe you just don’t feel like cooking and want a night off from the typical Tuesday night special of bland chicken? Try something new by searching, “Mexican restaurants near me” and be on your way to spicy delicacies in minutes!

Mexican restaurants represent a culture of warm hospitable people who use a variety of spices and flavors that are unique to their traditions. Most Mexican restaurants in the U.S. serve a mix of Southwestern style food like tacos and nachos, but with more of these restaurants on the rise, traditional and authentic Mexican cuisine has started to become a favorite here as well.

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True or False? Aztec cuisine is the only food style influencing Mexican food.

False! Mexican food is a nice meshing together of both Aztec and European Spanish flavors. When the Spanish came to Mesoamerica to colonize, they brought with them the spices and food items traditional to their meals. Over time, the mix of both cultures has occurred so gradually, that one culinary style has evolved.

mexican restaurants near me

One of the many Chipotle franchise stores.

What exactly is a tortilla made of?

A tortilla can be made of wheat, corn, or flour, but mainly corn is a staple in the dough. Occasionally, Yucca is used, a root with the texture of a potato.

Is there really a drink made out of corn?

Yep! Atole is the equivalent to hot chocolate at Christmas time in Mexican culture, and it’s made of corn as well. It’s a hot beverage that’s a mixture of corn, water, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, and sometimes fruit is used as well.

Did you know?

Northern Mexico eats different meals that the rest of Mexico. The Spanish brought cattle with them and since then, meat has been a huge selling point of Northern Mexican cuisine, and because there’s meat, grilled foods are popular as well. Most Mexican households have women managing the kitchen, but outdoor cooking has made cooking a fun event for Mexican men too.

What staples of Mexican food did Africans bring with them?

Yucca, Plantains, and Papaya have all been brought to Mexico by slave trading by the Spanish. A great deal of the seafood dishes in Mexican cuisine is also often African roots.

Did you know?

The first salsa that was introduced to the U.S. was made by The Paces, a couple from Texas that created the first Picante sauce.

What makes the Yucatan peninsula different in it’s culinary style?

Tropical fruit is a major identifier with food from this area. It’s also popular to use honey in beverages and annatto seed in a lot of their dishes.

Where in Mexico are you likely to find insects as a delicacy?

Mexico city is a pretty popping place and for good reason. Streets are lined with food trucks and vendors doling out gourmet style dishes including, bugs! To find more common Mexican food in your area try, “Mexican restaurants near me.”

Mexican Restaurants Near Me – Mexican Restaurants Facts

Tex-Mex is a style all it’s own. The combo of southwestern fare and with a Mexican twist make this food a pretty hot commodity in the western U.S. It was stated that the first Tex-Mex restaurant was opened around the 1940’s, but it didn’t really being as huge as it is today until the 70s.

Once considered an insult, Tex-Mex became a sensation all over the world with the start of Paris opening several of this style of restaurants, with it bringing the rest of Europe into the craze as well.

The number one Tex-Mex style restaurant in the U.S. is Chipotle, and it’s easy to see why. The restaurant promises no trans fat, fresh produce daily, and naturally raised animals. With honest ingredients like this, it’s no wonder why their food is delicious as well. Add to dictionary Pappasito’s Cantina came in last, but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly yummy as well. They are a family owned restaurant that does Tex-Mex proud, but they offer a delicious variety of other cuisine also.

Taco Bell, though a success in the U.S., has not done as well in other countries proving that the U.S. might be some of the biggest fans of this style of food. Mexico was offered Taco Bell stores twice, but it didn’t do so well as people did not go to them often. The same issue happened in other countries like Singapore, Poland, and Australia too.

Qdoba is a Mexican restaurant famous for their mission style burritos. What is mission style you ask? It’s a steamed burrito that is stuffed with rice and wrapped in foil. Due to it’s size, the mission or San Francisco burrito is considered quite different from any other style of burrito. Want to see what Qdoba is all about? Check out “Mexican restaurants near me.”

At one point in the early 2000s, the American fast food chain Wendy’s bought the California based Baja Fresh, but with poor sales results in some of the same locations, they eventually sold the restaurant chain to a company that also controlled the Cinnabon and Denny’s franchises.

Due to a severe food poisoning scare and poor sales, Chi-Chi’s, the restaurant chain founded in Minnesota, was closed in the U.S. and Canada completely. They do still however operate restaurants in the Arab Emirates, China, and Indonesia.

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