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America’s largest arts and crafts store, Michaels, was first created in 1973. Since then, individuals seeking crafting or art needs have looked to Michaels for an amazing assortment of quality top of the line products at a price even the thriftiest crafter can afford. With weekly coupons, moonlight madness deals, and locations scattered from coast to coast; Michael’s isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Are you interested in finding a Michaels location near you? Simply browse Michaels near me on the map below and find a list of Michael’s locations in your area. Need a bit more information on this amazing craft store? Read on for facts and trivia on Michaels and crafting in general!

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Michaels Near Me – Michaels Trivia

Who created Michaels stores?

For the thrifty crafter, Michaels is a must. Imagining an America without Michael’s isn’t only difficult, it’s downright scary. Good thing Michael J. Dupey, founder of Michaels had all of our backs back in 1976 when he founded Michaels in the former Northtown Mall in Dallas, Texas. In 1982, Dupey sold the controlling interest of Michaels to a Dallas businessman named Samuel Wyly. At this time annual revenue was around $10 million dollars. After the sale went through, Dupey went on to found MJ Designs. The brand was later bought out by Michaels. By 1986, Michaels was operating 16 successful stores. Consider these facts while searching Michaels near me!

michaels near me

For the thrifty crafter, teacher, or hobbyist; Michaels is a wonderland of quality and well priced craft products.

What arts and crafts store did Michael’s acquire in 1988?

While searching Michaels near me, you’ll probably find a large selection of information on the many stores and acquisitions Michaels has gone through. In 1988, Michaels acquired a division of Wal-Mart stores named Helen’s Arts & Craft. The sale by Walmart not only represented the retailers exit from the business of selling arts and crafts supplies but the deal nudged Michael’s one step closer to gaining national prominence in the arts and crafts sector. At this point in the company’s story, Michael’s had already recorded incredible growth. The store had grown into a chain comprising more than 100 stores. This was far more than anyone had ever anticipated. This growth only surged in the late 80s and into the early 90s.

When did Michaels set the goal to reach $5 billion in sales?

In 2004, Michaels announced what many in the industry believed a lofty goal. The brand wanted to reach $5 billion in sales within two years (2006). Buoyed by the addition of the Aaron Brothers to their team and the whopping $50 million in sales generated in the years prior to their arrival, Michaels entered the mid to late 90s as the country’s largest arts and crafts retailer. The craft juggernaut reached $1.29 billion in sales in 1995 and anticipated much bigger things when they announced that they would add 50 to 55 new Michaels stores by 1996. Despite this, the brand had not reached the $5 billion mark, which lead to their 2004 announcement. Did the brand make it to their goal in time? Not yet. As of last years end, the brand had brought in a total of $4.31 billion in revenue, but has still fallen a bit short of the $5 billion mark.

Michaels Near Me – Michaels Facts

Saving Big At Michaels

If you’re searching Michaels near me, then you’d surely welcome some tips on saving big on your next trip to Michaels. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to saving big fast.

1. Combine coupons

Every person who has ever shopped at Michaels knows that the brand loves to dole out coupons in a variety of ways. Not only does Michaels always include a coupon in weekly newspaper circulars and direct mailers, but they will also email coupons and offer online codes. From deals like 20% off an entire purchase to 50% off one item, there are many coupons floating around for Michaels at any given time. The good news? You can combine the coupons at checkout. This means you can stack multiple coupons to get the best bang for your buck. In the fine print it even says limit of one type of coupon per customer. Meaning you can use several types at once. After searching Michaels near me, make sure you search for applicable coupons for your trip.

2. Use Competitor Coupons

If you’re searching Michaels near me but only have coupons for A.C. Moore or JoAnn Fabrics, fret not. Michaels accepts competitor coupons, so long as it is for a percentage off of one item and not off of an entire purchase.

3. Follow Michaels on Facebook

In the age of social media, brands like Michaels love to reward their followers with special offers that are only offered on Facebook. For examples, Michaels will often offer a coupon or code for 20-25% off an entire purchase that can only be used during a certain window of time . If you’re having a less than hectic day and browsing Facebook, make sure you give Michael’s a follow.

4. Use Price Match

With a variety of craft store competitors, sometimes you’ll see something at A.C. Moore at a better price. The good news, Michael’s does do price matching. If you find an item at a rival craft store for less, Michaels will honor the lower price. This keeps customers loyal and gives shoppers the convenience of shopping at one store for all of their craft needs.

5. Always Go For Michaels Grab Bags

At certain times of the year, Michaels offers grab bags filled with seasonal merchandise or items they’re looking to clear off the shelves. While the grab bags can be gamble (you can’t see what’s inside or open them in store), they’re typically filled with high price items for 90% off the original retail price. These grab bags can be a great way to stock up on seasonal items without the hefty price tag.

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