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For total car care services at great price, few chain garages beat the value and convenience of Midas. With expert mechanics, national brand recognition, and a slew of service to help keep your car on the road, there’s no place like Midas when it comes to having your car serviced.

Are you interested in finding a Midas location near you? Simply browse Midas near me on the map below and find a list of Midas locations within a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Midas and extending the life of your car? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Midas Near Me – Midas Trivia

What year was Midas founded?

Like every great American chain that exists in the modern day, Midas grew out of simple roots. Consider this as you search Midas near me. According to brand historians, Midas officially grew out of a muffler manufacturing company that was initially founded in Chicago in 1938 by a man named Nate Sherman. Sherman believed that he could make a great degree of profit if he was to sell mufflers directly to the public in repair shops, rather than simply outsourcing to a variety of auto garages. With this idea in mind, Sherman formed Midas in 1956. Soon after, Sherman began to franchise his muffler shop concept to others. Within the very first year, the chain boasted some 100 stores in a total of 40 states. This number only increased in the late 1980s when stores totaled around 2,000 and Midas was manufacturing more than 100 million mufflers annually. Though the quality and efficiency of Midas was a part of the recipe for success, so much of the growth that existed during the 1980s and early 1990s had to do with a very successful (and still studied) marketing campaign that relied upon the slogan, “Trust the Midas Touch.” Introduced during the early 1980s, the catchy slogan allowed for Midas to enjoy massive brand recognition. They also quickly became the undisputed leader in the muffler repair business. Soon after, Midas decided to branch out beyond mufflers and added shock absorbers, brakes, alignments and oil changes.

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With great service and low prices, it’s no wonder Midas has been helping customers for decades!

True or false: Muffler quality proved to be a near downfall for Midas.

If you’re searching Midas near me, you’ve probably come to equate Midas with quality and steadfast business practices. What you might not know, is that muffler quality was almost Midas’ downfall. At the beginning, Midas enjoyed a steady stream of business selling mufflers that had a lifespan of about two years. This resulted in regular visits from loyal customers who would come back to have their mufflers replaced or repaired. This all changed in the early 1990s when stainless steel exhaust systems were suddenly introduced to the scene. These systems had a lifespan of around 10 years or more, completely altering the muffler repair business model. In the same vein, cars that were built in the 1990s often required less repairs as they were better built than those in the 1970s and 1980s. This put a bit of a damper on Midas’ other business segments. In order to truly offset declining sales, Midas had no choice but to increase inventory flow of its franchisees by building a network of distribution centers in key areas.

Midas Near Me – Midas Facts

The Midas Target Market

Ever wonder while searching Midas near me just who the target market of this brand really is? You’re not alone! Some experts estimate that around 40 percent of all Americans have visited a Midas shop at least one in their lifetimes. Perhaps the greatest strength of the brand itself, was their innocuous association with the word “trust.” People quickly developed a report of trust with Midas, believing them to be transparent and honest at a time when the automotive repair industry had been deemed dishonest and manipulative, especially towards women and those with little mechanical knowledge. Because of this, the target market for Midas consisted of female drivers, who did not maintain their own cars and had in the past felt cheated and lied to by disreputable mechanics. These women believed that a national chain would be held to a higher regard than some mom and pop shop down the street. Especially when that national chain had staked its reputation on being honest and doing clean quality work. Another target market was the Latino community, not because they were vulnerable to disreputable shops, but because they were drawn to the large number of locations and convenience that only Midas could bring.

What’s in the Midas name?

Here’s something you might not know while searching Midas near me. The name “Midas” didn’t have anything to do with the storied Midas who turned everything to gold. Instead “Midas” was an acronym for the Muffler Installation Dealer’s Association, which was formed in 1956 by Chicago Muffler manufacturer and Midas founder Nate Sherman. It was Nate who created the first chain of franchised muffler shops. That same year, the very first Midas franchise opened up in Macon, Georgia. It was an immediate success, though most believed the name to have taken from history and literature, few knew the actual story behind the Midas name. Though they might not be associated with King Midas, they still have the Midas touch and likely always will!

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