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Middle school is an important time in every child’s life. It’s a time when so many kids are coming of age and growing into the adults they will soon become. Finding the right learning environment for your pre-teen is key in making sure they get off on the right foot and find the support they need. Unfortunately, not every school is a perfect fit for your child. With a little bit of digging and the right facts, you can arm yourself with the information you need to make the best decision possible.

Interested in finding middle schools in your region? Simply browse middle schools near me on the map below and find a list of middle schools in your area. Need a bit more information on finding the perfect school? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more! You’ll find everything you need right in one place.

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When’s the best time to visit a potential school?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right middle school. After all, what might be a perfect fit for some children might not work out for yours. The most important aspect of finding the right school is planning a school visit. When’s the best time to visit a potential school? Consider this as you search middle schools near me. Experts recommend always visiting the schools you’re interested in during a regular school day. Ask if you can observe teachers in class so you can get a good feel for how the teachers treat the kids, the parents, and one another. You don’t have to be an educator to get a good sense of what’s going on in a classroom. Observe and find out if the kids seem engaged and enthusiastic. If you notice a lot of bored kids seeming miserable, it might not be a good indication. Does the teacher seem to check for understanding as they teach? Do you notice how discipline and decisions are handle? These are all things to keep an eye out for on your visit. You’ll also want to keep a keen on how students seem to interact with one another. At this age, student relationships and interactions can truly make or break your child on an emotional level. Though popularity and friendships aren’t everything, they seem like the world to your middle school child who just wants to fit in.

middle schools near me

The right middle school can help your child to blossom.

Do grades even matter in middle school?

Grades might not seem like a big deal in middle school, but experts say otherwise. When you’re searching middle schools near me, you’ll definitely want to keep academic merit and achievement in mind. Grades in middle school matter, especially if your child is considering the college track after high school. Many tweens are eligible to take high school courses while still in 7th or 8th grade. This means that those grades will carry forward and count towards your child’s high school GPA. This means that even in middle school, your child’s high school GPA is at risk. While grade’s are important, what matters more is the attitude your child develops towards learning and the work ethic they acquire. A great middle school can help your child to develop the strategies and passions that can make learning fun and engaging. This means they’ll do better in high school, college, and beyond. Good schools don’t just let their students skate by, they actively work to get students involved in the learning process and develop a passion for academics.

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Consider Extracurriculars

Some schools have excellent extracurricular opportunities that can help your child to cultivate friendships and passions that will extend far beyond the middle school years. Unfortunately, not every middle school offers the same extracurricular activities. As you search middle schools near me, consider the clubs and activities available to your child. What sports might this school offer that other doesn’t? Is the athletic program good or considered a great foundation for high school athletics? Look into other types of clubs as well! Is your child passionate about reading or history? Some schools might offer a book club or history club to help them foster their interest and pair them up with like minded students. Many also offer clubs dedicated to volunteer work. This can help to expand your child’s worldview and teach them the merits of giving back. The right school will aim to have well rounded students, understanding that the learning process isn’t just about academics but also about other types of growth and achievement. Experience matters. Giving your child a great leg up in middle school can set the stage for years to come.

Public Vs. Private

As a parent, it can tempting to want to give your child the world. In many ways, it might seem like a private education would provide more opportunities and a better learning environment than a public school. Is this always the truth? Not really. Consider this as you search middle schools near me. The words “public” or “private” don’t really reveal much about the school except how much you’ll be paying out of pocket. There are terrific public schools and lousy private schools and vice versa. Relying on labels alone is a big mistake. So much of what makes a school great is the community that surrounds it, the teachers on staff, and the overall mission statement of the school itself. Paying $30,000 a year for a school doesn’t automatically make it the best fit. Consider your finances, your child’s personality, and your overall academic goals. Don’t worry too much about labels. Instead, focus on what’s best for your child and their overall middle school experience.

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