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Feel like getting some fresh air, going for a walk and hitting things with sticks? Well, hitting might be a bit off. Still, if you enjoy the challenge, fun and excitement of mini golf, this is for you. Below you will find the Mini Golf Near Me Map. In it, you will have the locations of every mini golf course in your area.

Simply click on a location and it will tell you the name, address and phone number of the mini golf course. You will also be able to get the website of the place, if they have one, and reviews by past players. With a few clicks, you can also get directions so you will be on your way to an enjoyable mini golf game.

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Mini Golf Hours and Rates

Mini Golf is a family fun game, but also a great way to spend a nice date. Normally, you will find locations open between 9 and 11am. They have a range of closing times, but generally between 9 and 11pm. Some locations stay open later on Friday and Saturday evenings and sometimes close early on Sundays.
The cost of a mini-golf game is normally rather reasonable. On the low end, you have costs of around $5 per game and the upper ranges are around $12. Some courses have discounted rates for children to play as well.

mini golf near me

Mini golf courses often have a large number of fun, interactive obstacles.

Mini Golf versus Pitch and Putt versus Golf

The three games have got two big things in common. Your ultimate goal is to get a ball into a hole and you are going to use some kind of golf club to do it. In regular golf, you have a range of clubs to hit the ball and you start at one side of the course and try to get the ball down the fairway, onto the green and into the hole. You have a number of obstacles in the way, besides the sheer distance, of up to 500 yards. There are trees, water traps, sand traps and the weather to cause you troubles. In Pitch and Putt, you may have many of the same obstacles, but your distance is only around 150 yards and you are limited to an iron or a putter.

In mini golf, you have a wide range of obstacles. The courses are much smaller, normally less than 20 yards and you only have a putter, with a rubber head; however, the obstacles can be a crocked, zig-zaggy course, buildings, moving parts, pipes and whatever else the course designer has thought would be fun and aggravating for the player. Mini golf, while it is a fun game, can be very stressful.

A History of Mini Golf

Like golf, mini golf was first documented in Scotland. The first course was created in 1912. The first course in the United States was created in 1916 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The creation of artificial turf allowed the game to be mass produced in the 1920s. Shortly after its creation, New York City alone had over 150 locations, on roofs, for people to enjoy. These first courses were pretty simple. You had some banks, rolling hills and maybe a pipe or two to go into.

Sadly, due to the depression, almost every course in the United States was shut down and demolished; however, in 1938, new courses were created. It was the creation of these courses that added in structural obstacles, like the famous windmills and castles. Since then, they started to expand and spread the style that is now iconic for miniature golf courses today. So, when you visit your next mini golf course after searching Mini Golf Near Me, look for these distinctive obstacles and appreciate a bit of their past.

Mini Golf Near Me – Mini Golf Facts

Best and most Interesting Mini Golf Courses in the United States

There are many mini golf courses around America and a lot of them work hard to stand out and add their own personal touch with them. Here are 10 interesting courses that you may want to check out if you are in their neighborhoods.

1. Kiss by Monster Mini-Golf, Las Vegas:

Are you a Kiss fan? Have you ever dreamed of a giant Gene Simmons tongue attacking you? Well, in this mini golf course, you get a live DJ spinning some classic Kiss in a glow in the dark 18 hole mini golf course, inspired by the Kiss album Destroyer. You have animatronic Kiss band members and a special surprise for the 18th hole.

2. Molten Mountain, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

Ever want to play Mount Vesuvius? Well, at this location, you have a volcano shooting fire balls 50 feet up in the air every 30 minutes and one of the holes has a lava stream you have to get over. So, no matter what, you are looking at a hot time.

3. Par King: Morton Grove, Illinois:

This course has got 18 holes with a number of unique moving attractions including a large clown and a roller coaster for your ball to use. It even has its own Sears Tower.

4. Pirate Island Golf Course, Jersey Shore, New Jersey:

This location is one of the amazing pirate theme golf course. In this course, you will have to navigate caves and waterfalls, outwit animatronic pirates and even get over suspension bridges. Just to make things better, there are three locations on Ocean City, Sea Island City and Avalon.

5. Around the World, Lake George, New York:

This course is actually 2 golf courses. You have the Around the World and Around the USA. The first course has 18 different holes themed for different parts of the world. One minute you are putting your way around Europe and the next you are going past the Great Pyramids. In the second, you are rolling your way through different parts of the United States. So, if you enjoy traveling, these courses are surely to be enjoyable.

6. Wild Abyss Mini Golf, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin:

Here you will find three different courses, all with different themes: Abyss Course, Wild Buccaneer Course and Wild Fish Course. Beyond the great variety of courses, each course is full of 3D images to help make the course unique and fun.

7. Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Mini Golf:

Gatlinburg and Sevierville, Tennessee. This set of courses has 54 holes and set in a theme of the good old days, such as a Davy Crockett and other heroes. There are a lot of interactive and fun cartoon characters that you get to play with. This family friendly park is great for everyone.
No matter where you are, you are bound to find a fun course when you search Mini Golf Near Me.

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