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Golf has always been a revered form of recreation, but for many people, it’s a difficult and hard to master game that can lead to more frustration than joy. Many more people enjoy mini golf, a fun game that is easy to play and provides more fun through comical additions such as treehouses, windmills, and trick holees. The game has become so popular in the United States and Europe that nearly every town boasts a course or two.

Are you interested in finding miniature golf near you? Simply browse miniature golf near me on the map below and find a list of miniature golf courses located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on mini-golf? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

Miniature Golf Near Me – Find it on the Map

Miniature Golf Near Me – Miniature Golf Trivia

How long does it take to play 18 holes of miniature golf?

Odds are if you’re searching miniature golf near me, you’re looking to have some fun with a few friends or family members. But just how long will a single round of miniature golf take you? According to statistics, the average round of mini golf takes around 45 minutes to play. It might seem short, but many enjoy taking in a round or two of mini golf and then giving themselves some time to play arcade games or get some snacks at the clubhouse. While there’s no time limit to a game of mini golf, rounds are often short because many people are using the course at once. This means you can’t take 20 minutes at a single hole if a line of players is stacking up behind you.

miniature golf near me

A round of miniature golf can be fun for the whole family!

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Miniature Golf Course?

Ever considered building your own mini golf course? It can seem like a lucrative idea, especially in warm weather areas where the course can be utilized year around. Consider this as you search miniature golf near me. On average it costs around $5 a person to play $18 rounds of miniature golf. This makes it one of the cheapest and most cost effective forms of entertainment around. Just how much does it cost to build a miniature golf course? A basic course (without the fancy flourishes) can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $250,000 depending on location. It might seem like a huge investment right from the start, but most mini golf course owners make their money back in no time.

Where is the oldest mini golf course in existence?

Miniature golf might seem like a fairly recent invention, but history states otherwise. Where will you find the oldest miniature golf course in existence? Scotland, of course! The Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews was formed in 1867 and is believed to be the first miniature golf course that’s still in existence today. As a members only green for women golfers, the club was the result of the conventions of the day that deemed it improper for a woman to take a golf club back past their shoulders. Because of this, women could not raise the club high enough to do long distance drives or big shots. There may not have been many obstacles on this early course, but the green was and still remains one of the most revered miniature golf courses in the world. Think about how old school conventions truly influenced the rise of mini golf as you search miniature golf near me.

Miniature Golf Near Me – Miniature Golf Facts

Three Categories of Mini Golf

You might think there’s only one type of miniature golf course to be found, but there are actually three broad categories in which early miniature golf courses were sorted under. Consider this as you search miniature golf near me. According to historians, early mini golf categories included the “pitch and putt,” “the regulation par-3,” and the “executive course.” All of these courses required the use of a short driver along with a putter. They held the same design as a larger course, including sand traps, ponds, hills, and trees. Around 1916, a designer named James Barber implemented the first classical design for a miniature golf course in North Carolina. He dubbed the course, “Thistle Dhu.” The course was very compact and featured fountains, lush gardens, geometric walkway patterns, and several other luxurious traps. By the time 1926 rolled around, many innovative designers were taking on the miniature golf course. One was even built on the roof of a New York City skyscraper. By the end of the 1920s, there were more than 150 rooftop courses located in Manhattan alone.

Rinkie- Dink Courses

Historically speaking, miniature golf courses weren’t always as well thought out and nice as they are in the present day. Though early mini golf courses might have featured classical stylings that mimicked a traditional golf course, the great depression ushered in the popularity of “rinkie-dink” courses. Since most regulation miniature golf courses were too expensive for most owners to afford, the “rinkie-dink” course was the only way to go. These courses included fun obstacles that were salvaged from whatever an owner can find. It wasn’t unusual to see a course littered with tires, rain gutters, barrels and pipes. Eventually these crazy obstacles became so popular, that they became a regular feature at mini golf courses all over the US. As you search miniature golf near me, consider how these rinkie-dink courses are still influencing the way many course owners are choosing to set up their courses today. Do you find it more fun when there are random obstacles to avoid?

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