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Want to keep your four legged friend looking well-groomed without having to trek across town? Try a mobile pet groomer! Mobile pet groomers are self-contained in a custom van that arrives right at your front door to take care of your pets needs. For a busy pet owner who can’t always make time to pick up and drop off at a groomer, mobile-pet grooming is the solution.

Looking for a great mobile pet grooming service in your local area? Simply browse mobile pet grooming near me on the map below to find a list of mobile pet groomers in your local area. Need a bit more information on mobile pet grooming? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You’ll learn everything you need to know without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Mobile Pet Grooming Near Me – Find it on the Map

Mobile Pet Grooming Near Me – Mobile Pet Grooming Trivia

True or false: Certain breeds have hair, not fur.

When you think of your pet, you likely think of their coat as “fur.” While this is true in most cases, it can not be said for all animals. In fact, certain breeds have hair, not fur. While most dogs have fur that will grow and shed in order to make way for new fur to grow in its places, other breeds of dogs simply have hair. What’s the difference? Consider this as you search mobile pet grooming near me. According to expert groomers, breeds with hair will only shed their fur when it is cut, so they tend to shed far less than other species. Additionally, their hair will not remain dormant. It will never stop at a certain length before dying and falling off. Dogs with hair instead of fur require routine grooming to help keep new hair growth in check and prevent matted fur. If you have a Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Bearded Collie, or Havanese, you must regularly groom your pooch or risk matted fur. Matted fur can lead to infection and may even cut off blood
circulation. When in doubt, call your mobile groomer!

mobile pet grooming near me

A mobile pet groomer brings grooming right to your front door!

True or false: Cats are afraid of water, making grooming nearly impossible.

For decades, most of us have been told that cats fear water. Thus giving a cat a bath is often about as easy as eating one chip instead of the whole bag. Contrary to popular belief, cats are not afraid of water. So, then why do cats often freak out at the sight of a bathtub? Consider this as you search mobile pet grooming near me. Cats are very timid creatures. While they definitely don’t enjoy water or eagerly jump into swim, they do not have a distinct species wide phobia of liquid. Instead researchers suggest that cats are more afraid of loud noises, such as the sound of your tub faucet filling with water. Groomers suggest that by simply keeping your spray nozzle low or your faucet pressure low, most cats will tolerate a bath with little to no issue. With that said, cats do not require the level of grooming that a dog does. The reason? Cats are quite adept at grooming themselves!

Mobile Pet Grooming Near Me – Mobile Pet Grooming Facts

The Cost Of Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming allows us to pamper our pets without ever stepping foot outside of the house, but there may be a higher price to pay for such luxury. While searching mobile pet grooming near me, keep these average costs in mind. Depending on where you live, mobile grooming can either be a very affordable venture or a rather expensive one. For example, if you live in a very vast rural area that’s spread out, you’ll likely end up paying a bit more due to the fact that the groomer accrues higher costs in gas and travel. At the low end, hiring a mobile groomer will cost between $30 to $50 per session. The average cost for a mobile groomer ranges between $50 and $70. At the high end of mobile grooming, you can expect to pay anywhere between $70 and $99. Of course, costs can fluctuate depending on what you’re having done and the amount of time your groomer spends with your animal. A nail trim and a bath likely won’t cost as much as a full service that includes a bath and grooming.

Should you tip a mobile groomer?

Wondering whether or not you need to tip your mobile pet groomer? You’re not alone. Many folks are fuzzy on the facts of tipping a mobile groomer. However, general etiquette states that if you like the work being done, tipping is standard. Think about it this way. You always tip your hairdresser after a great cut. Why wouldn’t you do the same for the person grooming your dog? Not only is tipping a great way to say “job well done” but it helps to ensure that the groomer wants your business and will accommodate your schedule. Tipping is the polite thing to do and the right thing to do. Of course, if you weren’t satisfied with your service, then you may want to have a one on one with your groomer rather than leaving a tip. As you continue your quest to find a mobile pet grooming near me, keep in mind that tipping is always a good idea! How much do you tip? Much like at your regular hair salon, keep the price of the service in mind and the level of satisfaction. Generally speaking, you should tip between 10% and 20%. Feel free to go higher if you really love your groomer and the work they do for your pet!

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