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Motels can offer a weary traveler some much needed respite on a taxing journey. Though the name motel didn’t first appear on the scene until 1926, the concept had developed for a quarter of a century. The history of motels is most closely linked to the history of the automobile, with the first motels popping up after the Model T was introduced. Thanks to cars Americans were suddenly able to travel on load trips, necessitating places to rest along the way.

With that, the motel was born. Nowadays, motels not only offer tired travelers a good night’s sleep, but many of them offer amenities that can rival larger hotel chains. Interested in finding a motel near you? Simply browse motels near me on the map below and find a list of the closest hotels to your location. Need a bit more information on motels? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three motels in the country.

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Motels Near Me – Motels Trivia

What year did the world’s first motel open?

While searching motels near me, you may be wondering when the world’s first designated motel opened it’s doors to weary travelers. Located in San Luis Obispo, California the Motel Inn opened on December 12, 1925. Deemed the world’s first hotel, this hotel saw a market in tired travelers needing a place to stay the night. With the advent of the automobile, many people were traveling long distances for the first time and were no longer made to stay in certain areas due to the constraints of train travel. When the hotel was built it cost $80,000. The inn originally only charged $1.25 per night per room. Even though this motel closed down its doors in 1991, everyone will always remember the very first motel.

motels near me

The High Desert Motel in Joshua Tree, CA boasts classic motel signage and room design.

What is the largest motel chain in the world?

Right now Days Inn is the world’s largest motel chain in the world. With 1,400 locations throughout the US, Days Inn has found a market in offering cheerful digs that any budget can afford. Most of their motel locations also offer a free continental breakfast, coffee, and free wi-fi. The second largest motel chain in the US is the Comfort Inn, with 1,300 locations throughout the US. The Comfort Inn is known for it’s classic aesthetic and in room amenities (such as coffee maker and iron). Motels came in all sizes and shapes and prices ranges. From quality chains to quirky and affordable, there is a motel to suit every individual’s needs.

Which motel chain boasts the tag line “We’ll leave the light on for you?”

If you’re searching motels near me, then you will likely come across a Motel 6 in your journey. For over 40 years Motel 6 has prided itself for “leaving the light on” for customers who come and go at all hours of the night. Unlike other motel chains, Motel 6 offers clean rooms, pleasant furnishings, and quality lodging for a bottom barrel price. The brand has never once lost sight of their customers needs and have always looked to their customers for new ideas and advice on how they can improve their business.

Motels Near Me – Motels Facts

Tipping at a Motel

If you’re searching motel near me, you may be confused as to what an appropriate tip is when it comes to the motel scene. In order to keep prices down, motels typically offer a limited number of services and amenities. They typically don’t provide a baggage clerk or a concierge, but they do provide housekeeping. If you have housekeeping done while staying at a motel, it’s appropriate to tip $1-$3 each time they provide the service (more if you believe they did a truly stellar job). If you can’t hand the money to the housekeeper yourself, leave the money on the pillow. Avoid leaving money on nightstands or tables, as the housekeeper will assume you left it there by mistake.

Pleasure travelers

According to recent studies,54% percent of all leisure hotel stays involve two adults, two thirds of whom are over the age of 35. Most leisure travelers stay just one night, but some will stay two nights. 64% of all hotel and motel guests are traveling for business rather than pleasure. These typically tend to be adult males looking for affordable digs.

The Top Three Coolest Hotels In The US

If your search for motels near me brings you near to of these unique motels, consider yourself lucky! These digs may not be fancy, but they sure are fun! Youll never be bored at one of these cool motels.

1. Farmers Daughter Motel, Los Angeles, CA

This laid back and truly charming motel can make just about anyone feel at home. You’ll find everyone from cosmopolitan travels to budget oriented families staying at these digs.

2.Red Caboose Motel, Philadelphia, Pa

This motel allows guests to stay in one of 38 cabooses, all painted with different railroad sings in various colors. The motel even offers an authentic dining car where you can grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA

With 110 themed rooms and suites with exotic and whimsical names, this motel hopes to transport its guests into a world of fun and mysterious relaxation.

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