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No matter how careful you are while out for a joy ride on your motorcycle, accidents can happen. If an accident happens due to no fault of your own and damages are incurred, it might be time to consider hiring a lawyer to help you rebuild your life and get what you deserve. No two lawyers are created equal and when it comes to motorcycle accidents, finding the right person for the job can make all the difference.

Are you interested in finding a motorcycle accident lawyer near you? Simply browse motorcycle accident lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of reliable lawyers in your region. Need some great tips on finding the right accident lawyer for your case? Read on for facts, trivia, tips and more. You’ll never feel more prepared!

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True or false: Not wearing eye protection while on a bike can put you at risk of an accident.

Some accidents are totally out of your control, hence why they’re called accidents. A wreck caused by someone else’s lack of judgement or distraction is no fault of your own, but some accidents can be prevented with proper precautions. For example, something as simple as wearing the proper eye protection can decrease your risk of a motorcycle accident. Consider this as you search motorcycle accident lawyer near me. According to law firms that handle motorcycle accidents and records from the highway safety institute, motorcycle drivers who don’t wear eye protection are far more likely to be involved in accidents. The reason? Unprotected eyes are far more susceptible to wind, road debris, insects, and even more. All of these factors can impair one’s vision and dealy overall reaction time. This can keep you from avoiding a potential accident and keeping your eyes firmly glued to the road. If you are a motorcycle driver who lives in a state who doesn’t require helmets, you should always in the very least be wearing some kind of eye protection. Most states recommended donning both, especially if you’ll be driving at high speeds on a highway or busy road.

motorcycle accident lawyer near me

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, hiring a great attorney can help you get what you deserve in court!

Can wearing a helmet impede a motorcycle driver’s hearing?

If you’re searching motorcycle accident lawyer near me, then odds are you’re aware that there’s a lot of debate as to whether ot not helmets should be legally required in all 50 states. Every state adopts its own laws regarding helmet usage. Some states are very lax and others will fine you for not wearing a helmet. One argument some individuals make against helmets is that they can impede a driver’s vision or hearing. This simply isn’t the case. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, helmets actually limit less than 3% of a driver’s overall peripheral vision. In the same vein, helmets bear little to no impact on a driver’s ability to hear. Sure, might seem like a drag to some, but there’s no reason not to wear a helmet. Reports indicate that wearing a helmet can drastically reduce the risk of dying in a motorcycle crash by some 37%. In a world full of unpredictability, giving yourself a little bit of security seems like the logical thing to do.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me – Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Facts

Motorcycle Safety Training

One thing that can help you significantly both as a driver and in a motorcycle accident case is having completed motorcycle safety training courses. As you search motorcycle accident lawyer near me, consider just how imperative this training can be. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, less than half of all motorcyclists on the road today have completed an adequate formal motorcycle safety training class. Instead, a majority of individuals rely on friends, family, or even the internet for advice on how to handle a variety of situations. Seeking out formal training might seem like a waste of time and money, but it’s actually the best way for you to familiarize yourself with the nuances of motorcycle operations and the laws that govern drivers. Not only does a course of this nature touch on safety concerns, but you’ll know your state’s individual laws like the back of your hand. Should you get into your accident and take your case to court, simply having completed a safety course can help bolster your odds of winning and put the law on your side. Some statistics show that an alarming 92% of all motorcycle accidents involve drivers who have not completed any kind of formal motorcycle safety training. Untrained drivers are less likely to wear helmets and practice proper caution on the roads. This increases their risk of death, injury, and harming others while out on the road. If you have the time and the means, always try to achieve some kind of safety training prior to hitting the road. It can help you in a lawsuit and it can also help you to avoid getting into a detrimental accident to begin with.

Does age matter?

As you search motorcycle accident lawyer near me, you may be wondering if age often plays a role in motorcycle accidents. Statistics show that age is in fact a major factor in accidents amongst motorcycle drivers. Riders who fall between the ages of 20 and 29 as well as those who fall between the ages of 50 and 59 are more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accidents. These numbers indicate the lack of skill that new and inexperienced motorcycle drivers can possess. They can also speak volumes on the “rusty” skills of middle aged motorcyclists who haven’t ridden in several years.

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