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Few things beat the simple pleasure of taking in a great movie on the giant screen of a theater. From the smell of popcorn to the comfy seats, there’s nothing like a true cinematic experience.

Are you interested in finding a movie theater near you? Simply browse movie theaters near me now on the map below and find a list of movie theaters located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on movie theaters? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more! You might just learn something new!

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Movie Theaters Near Me Now – Movie Theaters Trivia

Why do we we eat popcorn at the movies?

For many movie patrons, going out to see a movie is now as much about the snacks as it is about the film itself. With more and more movie theaters offering full service restaurants, new snack offerings, and several departures from the movie norm, eating during a movie is more popular than ever. Of course, this ritual began with the act of snacking on popcorn. The question that may plague you as you search movie theaters near me now is the why and the how of it all. Why do we eat popcorn at the movies? Well, it’s simple, it was cheap investment with a lot of pay off. Popcorn was largely frowned upon by theater owners until 1927 when films began to add sound. This opened up the theater experience to a much wider client base, since literacy was no longer a requirement to attend films. By 1930, more than 90 million people a week were trekking to their favorite theaters to take in a film. With such a large number of people gathering at theaters every week, some investors saw dollar signs and a greater possibility for new profits. Not that sound pictures could muffle the sound of people eating snacks, many theater owners decided to strike while the iron was hot. Popcorn was an obvious choice, especially once the Great Depression hit. Despite the tight budgets, people still flocked to the movies for a welcome diversion. Popcorn added to their experience. At 5 to 10 cents a bag, it was a luxury that almost everyone could afford. Theater owners loved that popcorn kernels were so cheap. A $10 bag of kernels could last for several years and people loved having something to snack on during a film. Popcorn was a win win that has long stood the test of time. No matter how creative many theaters get with their snack offerings, popcorn will always be on the menu.

movie theaters near me now

Nothing beats a trip to the movies!

True or false: Many theaters make more money off of concessions than movie sales.

Sure, theaters were slow to introduce popcorn into the theater mix, but nowadays, many theaters actually make a majority of their money off of concessions rather than on ticket sales. Consider this as you search movie theaters near me now. Movie theaters don’t make a great sum of money off the movies themselves until that movie has been around for at least a month or two. When a movie is initially released to theaters, most of the profits from ticket sales go directly to the studios distributing the movies. The theater can only take a substantial chunk of the proceeds once the film has been out for around three months or so. This is why some of them will continue to play popular movies even after they’ve been out for several months or more.

Movie Theaters Near Me Now – Movie Theaters Facts

A Tip On Theater Etiquette

After a movie ends, the clean up begins for the theater crew who must quickly pick up trash, wipe down armrests, and ensure a clean environment for the next showing. Unfortunately, this is a more taxing job than it should be. In the modern day, the rate of people who don’t throw away their own trash after a movie is quickly increasing. Many have taken the position that it’s the job of the theater crew and therefore no big deal. Though it may be the job of the theater crew to clean up in between showings and at the end of the night, it’s not their responsibility to clean up your trash. Experts recommend that if you can’t throw out your own trash, do the cleaning crew a kindness and leave your garbage stacked on top of the seat rather than underneath it. It’s much easier for them to quickly toss it into a trash bag row by row than to dig under seats, bust out brooms, and get on their hands and knees to scrape Sour Patch Kids from the theater floor. As you search movie theaters near me now, keep your etiquette in mind. If you’re capable of throwing out your own trash, do so. If not, leave the trash on top of the seat and make the jobs of your theater crew a little easier. It’s a simple kindness that can go a long way and most certainly improve someone else’s day!

Who’s in the projection booth?

If you’re seeing a movie in 2017, odds are there isn’t a single soul in that projection booth during your film. Through projectors definitely have to be programmed throughout the day and don’t just play on their own volition, there is no need for someone to sit in the projection booth throughout the duration of a film. It’s a waste of time for the staff and can get pretty mundane after you’ve seen a single film about 50 times. With automated digital projectors, the job of a those in charge of film projection is easier than ever. All they have to do is program in the film, sit back, and let the computer do the rest. In the past, it was necessary for someone to be in the booth at all times in case of a bad reel, a splice, or some difficulties with the projection machine. As you search movie theaters near me now, consider just how much theaters have changed since the early days in the 1920s!

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