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With all the new technology nowadays, it can be quite easy to find what movies are playing near you. All you have to do is pull up your smart phone or your computer and type in Movie times near me. There’s a wide variety of movies for you to choose from nowadays!

So if you’re in the mood for horror or something more romantic, all you have to do is a quick search and see what’s playing near you! Even if nothing is playing today that you may enjoy, there is always another day to check out some new movies!

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Movie Times Near Me – Movie Times Trivia

Which two movies seemed to be destined for disasters?

You may be surprised by what the two movies were but they were actually two of the biggest box office hits of their time. Jaws from the 1970s and Titanic from the 1990s, were an absolute nightmare to shoot, went massively over budget and their directors thought they would never work out. They did more than just work out though. They became classic movies that almost everyone knows nowadays. Surprisingly the two filmmakers who directed these movies, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, didn’t even go to film school. It shows that you don’t even need to go to school if you’re great at what you do and it’s shown that film school degrees are actually pretty worthless. They actually recommend not going to a film school but rather advise aspiring filmmakers to shoot their own projects and build their reel until their skills are marketable enough to be hired on paid directing gigs.

movie times near me

Is there anything good playing by you?

Do most independent films get watched by others?

While you may not think it, most independent films never make a profit or even see any type of meaningful distribution. Most of these independent films are only watched by the friends and family and maybe the audiences at second-tier film festivals. The times are rather tough for film crews nowadays and many talented and experience film industry workers nowadays have to scour for work just to have a stable income.

What did IHS Screen Digest predict?

What IHS Screen Digest predicted was that movie studios will actually cease to produce film prints for major markets by 2013 and for the rest of the world by 2015.

What will you hear a lot as a filmmaker?

One thing that you’ll hear quite often as a filmmaker is that you shouldn’t do that or you won’t make it. You shouldn’t listen to that advice though and take Stanley Kubrick as an example. He was very independent and in 1953 made his first short film completely off his own back and even sold it for profit. He had an independent spirit and he wasn’t afraid to try things his own way. So never be afraid of trying things just because others are against you. If you’re interested in seeing a movie currently playing that may not be by Kubrick but inspired by him, just search movie times near me to see what’s currently showing.

Movie Times Near Me – Movie Times Facts

If you’re creating a film and looking to distribute the film among audience, you have to be tough when dealing with film distributors. This piece of advice actually comes from veteran experts who are quite experienced in this. They say it’s essential that you make all potential buyers watch the film in the same place and at the same time and preferably at a proper screening in a major film market. If you allow a distributor an early preview to your film, word of mouth may spread to quickly and kill your film. Also make sure to the film buyers that no sneak previews or DVD copies will be allowed.

Four of the most popular Pixar films were brainstormed up at a lunch meeting on day. A year before “Toy Story” was released in cinemas in 1994, John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Pete Docter and Andrew Stanton met up for lunch and by the end of this meeting, they had come up with ideas and characters for quite a few movies. During the meeting, they had come up with ideas for “A Bug’s Life”, “Monsters Inc”, “Finding Nemo” and “WALL-E”.

Tom Hanks made sure to really get into role for his character in “Cast Away”. Tom Hanks made sure to stop exercising and gained some weight so he would look more like a middle aged man. After he filmed what he needed for the heavier Tom Hanks, production was put on hiatus for a year so he could lose fifty founds and grow out his hair.

Back when George Lucas was making “American Graffiti”, not many people knew of the director. In 1973, Lucas would approach Universal Studios with the idea for “Star Wars” but they ended up turning him down. But just six months after turning him down, “American Graffiti” was a big hit and grossed $117 million which made Lucas well known. Afterwards he was approached by an executive at 20th Century Fox and financed “Star Wars”. It is now in the top twenty-four highest grossing films in history. While the original “Star Wars’ may not be in theater anymore, there are quite a few different movies still for you to choose from. Just search Movie times near me to find what’s playing near you

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