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Looking to beat the cold weather without sacrificing all the fun? Going to a movie can be a great cost effective way to entertain the whole family. Of course, finding and choosing the right movie is always the hard part! Whether you’re looking for an action packed blockbuster or a slow burn drama, you can find the perfect movie to suit every member of your party.

Interested in finding movies in theaters near you? Simply browse movies in theaters near me on the map below and find a list of movies playing in theaters near you. Need a bit more information on movies playing near you and theaters in general? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on movies playing in your region. You might just learn something new!

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Movies in Theaters Near Me – Movies in Theaters Trivia

How do movie theaters make their money?

Logic would say that a movie theater makes its money off of movies, after all, they are movie theaters. Shockingly enough, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider this as you search movies in theaters near me. For the first month or two of a screening, all of the money from ticket sales goes directly to the movie studios. The theater doesn’t really make much in the way of profit on actual movies until the movie has screened for several months. To offset costs, theaters rely on concessions to make money. This is why concessions are almost always overpriced. Despite the fact that popcorn costs almost nothing to make, it’s not unusual for a movie patron to pay more than $10 for a large at the theater. Since this is how theaters turn a profit on new films, there likely won’t be a decrease in concession prices anytime soon!

movies in theaters near me

There’s always a good flick playing near you!

Do they have security cameras in movie theaters?

Safety comes first in just about every area of life, including the movie theater. If you’re searching movies in theaters near me, you may be wondering if there are security cameras inside the theaters themselves. The short answer is, yes. Most modern movie theaters do have cameras inside of their theaters and in the hallways. In fact, most large cinemas have taken to using special cameras equipped with night vision to detect the red dot that would emerge on a camcorder or cell phone recording the film. Though the security cameras are designed to keep theater patrons staff, they’re also used to discourage people from cam recording movies to sell online.

When was the first movie theater built?

America loves going to the movies, but when exactly was the first movie theater built? Historians agree that the first movie theater was built in 1905 when John P. Harris and Harry Davis did the world a favor by opening a five cent admission movie theater in Pittsburgh. They named their modest theater a Nickelodeon, due to the five cent price tag. The setting soon became a common type of movie theater. By the time 1908 rolled around, there were thousands of storefront Nickelodeon’s all across America.

Movies in Theaters Near Me – Movies in Theaters Facts

Movie Theater Pay

Ever considered working in a movie theater? If you love going to the movies, it might seem like a dream gig. After all, working at a theater does have its perks when it comes to viewing new releases and even taking home so promotional merch. But just how much does it really pay to work at a movie theater? Consider this as you search movies in theaters near me. According to some statistics, new hire cashiers at a theater chain such as AMC can expect to earn pay rates between the $8.00 and $9.50, depending on the specific state’s minimum wage standards. States with a lower minimum wage will pay more and those with a higher minimum wage will have an increase in initial earnings. With strong work ethic and dedication, associates can quickly climb to $10.00 an hour and make themselves eligible for management positions, where pay is much more robust. Of course, if you’re not in it for the dough or looking for a steady first job, a movie theater job isn’t a terrible choice!

The Truth About Outside Food

For decades, theater patrons have been warned that it’s illegal to bring in outside food. Yet, every movie goer has seen the patron snacking on McDonald’s, popping homemade cookies, or even munching on home brought popcorn. This raises the question as to if outside food is actually illegal at most movie theaters. Chew on this as you search movies in theaters near me. According to legal experts and most codes of conduct it is not technically illegal for a person to bring outside food into a theater. Despite this, it might still be legally inadvisable for a theater to allow you to bring outside food into the theater. Consider that most theaters make a huge portion of their profits from selling concessions, rather than selling tickets, allowing outside food can really put a damper on the bottom line. This is why most theaters have strict “no outside food” policies. It has nothing to do with the legality of outside food and everything to do with profit. If you do get caught bringing outside food into a theater, you won’t face any legal actions and you likely won’t even be thrown out of the theater. At most, you’ll be asked to toss your food at the door. Keep in mind, most theaters will not check for outside food, and most employees won’t do anything should they see you chowing down on that slice of pizza.

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