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When the first dedicated picture house was built in New Orleans in 1896, moviegoers didn’t have much of an option as to what they were going to see. It wasn’t until 1913 that Hollywood’s first full length film “The Squaw Man” was released for the masses. Today, movie theaters and movies are in abundance throughout the United States and abroad. Movies not only offer an escape from reality, they provide cost effective entertainment to people from all walks of life.

Is there anything better on a rainy day or a hot day than parking in a movie theater and settling in for a show? Not much! Are you interested in finding movies near you? Simply browse “movies near me” on the map below and find a movie theater in your area! Looking for a bit more information? Scroll down for interesting facts, trivia, and a list of the top three movie theaters in the US!

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Movies Near Me – Movies Trivia

True or false: In 1907, Nickelodeon theaters offered movies for 5 cents!

True! Odds are on your quest to find “movies near me” you’re not going to find any films playing for five cents; but back in 1907, Nickelodeon theaters were known for offering just that! The name itself “nickel” odeon refers to the fact that the films shown only cost one nickel. During the depression, prices rose to around 27 cents. It wasn’t until the swinging 60’s that the price of a flick went up exponentially, costing patrons 27 cents. Of course, in relation to prices now, one dollar seems like a pretty sweet deal!

movies near me

The Rodgers Theater in Poplar Bluff, Missouri first opened in 1949. The theater features art deco architecture.

True or false: The first air conditioned movie theater was built in 1922.

True! On a hot day, there’s nothing better than sitting in a cool theater and catching a flick. It seems people in the 20’s shared the same sentiment. The first air conditioned theater made its debut in 1922, offering overheated patrons a place to cool off while being entertained. Straingely enough the first cup holders didn’t make their way to cinemas until they were introduced by AMC theaters in 1981.

How many movies does the average person see per year?

If you’re searching for “movies near me,” odds are you love the cinema just as much as the rest of America. According to theater statistics, the average American person sees around 6 movies in a theater per year. While that might not seem like an overwhelmingly high statistic, it’s just the average. There are patrons who will see a movie per week just to catch the latest buzzed about film. Six films per year averages to around 1.36 billion people in the US alone. We think Hollywood might just survive another fiscal year…

True or false: 55% of people go out to eat before or after a movie.

After you’re finished searching “movies near me” you might just want to search for restaurants! This statistic is true. On average, 55% of American citizens will treat themselves or their companions to a meal before or after seeing a movie. Movie going is treated as en experience in the states instead of just something to do.

Movies Near Me – Movies Facts

There Are 39,662 Movie Screens In The United States.

While searching “movies near me,” finding a theater shouldn’t be difficult at all! In fact, there are currently 39,662 movie screens in the United States. This figure is far from static. As the population grows and towns begin to incorporate theaters into malls and multiplexes, the number of screens will likely skyrocket faster than you can say “take one!”

Movies Don’t Make A Huge Amount of Money Off Of The Movies Themselves.

While it might seem crazy to think that movie theaters don’t make money off of movies, theaters claim that they don’t make much money off of the movies themselves, especially in the first or month or two that they show. During the first few months, a majority of the profits from ticket sales go straight to the studio distributing the movie. The theater only begins to rake in more cash when the film has been out for longer than three months. This is why many theaters will show popular films well past their initial release date.

Top Three Movie Theaters in the US

While seeking a “movies near me” you may find yourself in close proximity to one of the top three theaters in the US. These theaters not only exercise exceptional customer service, they show films using top notch technology, offer amazing food offerings, and surround patrons in quality sound.

1.AMC Lowes Uptown, Washington DC

If you find yourself in the Washington DC area, the Uptown is your best bet when viewing a film. The theater first opened in 1936 and boasts itself as a movie palace. While the theater only has one screen, it’s a curved 70 foot monstrosity that’s one of the largest in the area. The theater also features a beautiful balcony area for the patron looking to cozy up with someone special.

2. ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking to catch a few stars sitting next to you while viewing the latest new release the ArcLight is for you. The audience offers a whopping 14 screens and reserved stadium seating. As far as snacks are concerned, the cinema offers gourmet dishes such as caramel corn and chicken sausage on a baguette.

3. AMC Empire 25, New York, NY

If your quest to find “movies near me” happens to bring you to the Big Apple, try your hardest to catch a flick at this giant multiplex. With 25 screens, never-ending escalators and awesome pre show entertainment, this theater can make the bustling surroundings in Times Square seem worth it. The theater also offers movies in IMAX and 3D.

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