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Since the advent of Nickelodeon theaters in the early 1900s, Americans have made movies an entertainment ritual. Whether catching a matinee or hitting up the cinema for a night out, movies have proved an unstoppable tour de force in relaxation and artistic stimulation. With seventy percent of all Americans going to see at least one movie per year, it’s obvious that this fun filled visual staple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Are you interested in finding a list of movies playing near you? Simply browse movies playing near me on the list below and find a list of movies playing in your area. Need a bit more information on movies? Read on for facts and trivia regarding movies!

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True or false: Ladies were once asked to remove their hats at the theater.

If you’re searching movies playing near me in 2016, odds are you won’t be met with any warnings regarding your headwear prior to viewing your movie. The case was a bit different in the 1920s and 1930s when theaters routinely showed signs asking women to remove their hats. Thanks to the elaborate headwear of the time period, “Ladies Please Remove Your Hats” signs were typically strewn heavily throughout many movie theaters due to the fact that hats would block the view of patrons in the surrounding seats.

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Though the days of uniformed ushers and lush velvet curtains are gone, the movies are as entertaining as ever.

True or false: Movie theaters used to contain cry rooms.

If you’re a mother searching movies playing near me, then you likely understand just how difficult it can be to take your newborn or little one to a film. Even if you have a well behaved child, there is still the chance that they could potentially cry or disrupt other patrons. Because of this, theaters of the past used to contain cry rooms. Cry rooms were sound proof elevated rooms in the back of the theater that gave mothers a chance to console their crying child without missing a minute of the film. These rooms contained large windows that looked out on the theater so that viewing was never interrupted. If only those still existed today!

True or false: Many movie theaters once had uniformed ushers.

In the past, theaters not only included lush velvet curtains to create an air of majesty, they employed uniformed men and women who would escort patrons to their seats at the cinema. Most ushers wore uniforms that contained more finery than a decorated soldier. Of course, this was at a time when ushers did much more than tear tickets or sweep up spilled popcorn. Ushers also kept an eye out for kids who would attempt to sneak in without paying. They also offered an elbow to women walking in heels so that they didn’t trip when cascading down the aisle to their seats. To guide patrons, most ushers carried small flashlights. This was especially helpful to individuals who arrived long after the show had already started.

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A Billion Dollar Industry

In searching movies playing near me, you’re probably already well aware of just how much money the movie industry typically pulls in per year. While the movie industry made $11 billion dollars in 2015, ticket sales were quite low compared to the highs once experience during the early 2000s and 1990s. The top grossing movie of 2015? Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The latest film in the Star Wars saga pulled in around $248 million dollars.

Money Spent Per Day

On an average day in the United States, citizens spend around $26.6 million on going to the movies. While this is definitely nothing to sneeze at, Americans reportedly spend even more after the movie. According to industry experts, a whopping 55% of all moviegoers report going out to dinner after a movie. Making the whole adage of “dinner and a movie” as true as ever.

A 12,000 Percent Increase

While you’re searching movies playing near me, you may be wondering just how much ticket prices have gone up since the advent of the theater. Since the turn of the century, ticket prices have gone up a whopping 12,000 percent. Not only have ticket prices gone up, but most theaters are smaller and less glamorous. Many multiplexed auditorium style theaters feel less spacious than many studio apartments and the glamorous appeal of velvet curtains and uniformed ushers have long since fallen out of favor.

Lost Art

According to many historians, over 90% of all movies made before 1929 are lost with no known copies existing whatsoever. While these movies may be lost, their contribution to cinema on a whole still remain. Without those early pioneers you wouldn’t be able to search movies playing near me or enjoy a leisurely afternoon kicking back at your local cinema.

Movie Trailers

In searching movies playing near me, you can expect to see around 20 minutes worth of trailers prior to the actual start of your movie. In the past, this was pretty much unheard of as movies didn’t play before the move, they played after. Patrons of the time had the choice of sticking around after their movie finished to watch the trailers or head home early.

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