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While mulch can add some great curb appeal to any home or landscape design, it can also be highly beneficial to the health of your yard. Not only does mulch help make flora and fauna pop, but it can deter weeds and make for a cleaner more uniform looking design.

Are you interested in finding mulch near you? Go ahead and browse mulch near me on the map below and find a list of businesses offering mulch in your area. Need a bit more information on the benefits of mulch? Read on for tips, facts, trivia, and more! You’ll quickly know as much about mulch as the experts!

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Mulch Near Me – Mulch Trivia

How is mulch beneficial?

Mulch might just seem like a purely decorative accent, but mulch is actually highly beneficial to your yard. Consider these facts as you search mulch near me. Mulch is defined as any material that can be spread or laid over the surface of soil as a type of covering. The purpose of mulch is to retain moisture in the soil and make the garden bed look more attractive, but the benefits of mulch go far beyond the initial intended design. For starters, mulch helps to insulate the soil, which provides a buffer from both hot and cold temperatures. This can keep your flowers, trees, and bushes from dying and being as temperamental to the cold. Second, mulch retains water better than soil, which can help to keep the roots of plants moist and more evenly watered. Third, mulch keeps weeds out and helps to prevent any kind of root competition from happening. Fourth, mulch prevents soil compaction. Lastly, mulch can reduce lawn mower damage and help you to protect not only your lawn but your tractor as well.

mulch near me

Mulch can help keep plants healthy and soil moist!

What Is Mulch Made Out Of?

One question that often crosses the mind of everyone searching mulch near me is exactly what mulch is made out of. After all, if you visit a box store such as Home Depot or a landscaping business, you’ll likely see many materials labeled as “mulch.” So what is mulch made out of? Well, it’s not as simple as you think. A variety of materials are used as mulch, including: organic residues, grass clippings, leaves, hay, straw, kitchen scraps, shredded bark, whole bark nuggets, shells, wood chips, wool, and animal manure. The type of mulch you’ll buy is dependent on your exact needs. If you’re purely looking to spruce up your landscaping, you’ll want to go with a wood chips, shredded bark, or whole bark nuggets for your design.

How Long Does Wood Mulch Last?

Like anything involved with landscaping, mulch doesn’t last forever and will need to be replaced. So how long does wood mulch last? Consider this as you search mulch near me. According to landscaping experts, wood chips, don’t last quite as long as bark mulches. This means you’ll need to replace your wood chip mulch every five to seven years. Small wood chips will only last about half as long as larger wood chips and will need replacement every two to three years. If you’re not looking to replace your mulch this frequently, try going with a bark mulch rather than a wood mulch.

Mulch Near Me – Mulch Facts

Tips for Adding New Mulch

Adding new mulch might seem pretty cut and dry, but experts agree that there are some steps that must be taken before adding new mulch. If you’re searching mulch near me, you’ll first want to consider what type of landscaping you’re doing. For an annual bed, you’ll need to remove any old mulch, till the soil, and add compost before adding new mulch into the mix. If you’re looking to apply mulch to a perennial bed, you might think it’s fine to add a new layer of mulch on top of the old mulch. This is a big no-no. The reason? Simply adding a new layer of mulch on top without taking the proper steps beforehand can lead to plant death, rot, and nutrient starvation. Before you add any new mulch to your flower beds, try and remove as much of the old layers of mulch as possible beforehand. Doing so will make a world of difference in the health of your plants and the health of the soil.

What is the best type of mulch to use?

As you now know, there are several types of mulch available to you on the market, but which is the best type of mulch to use? Consider this as you search mulch near me. Landscaping savants agree, it’s always best to pick a mulch with larger chunks because it will decompose more slowly than mulch made of smaller chunks. Always choose a bark type mulch (such as pink bark) before choosing shredded wood types (such as cedar). While shredded wood may be cheaper, you’ll need to replace it more frequently which can quickly jump costs. Always remember, that though mulch can reduce overall landscape maintenance, it certainly doesn’t eliminate it from your weekly list of chores. If you want your beds and landscaping to stay happy and healthy, you’ll have to put in a little elbow grease.

The Best Color for Mulch

Just as there are many mulch types, there are many mulch colors. So what exactly is the best color of mulch to use? Well, some of it depends on your personal preferences. If you’re only concerned with the overall look and contrast, you’ll want to choose a mulch color that fits your home’s color scheme. If you’re choosing based on more economical perspectives, you’ll want to avoid red mulch and go with brown mulch. Red mulch decomposes more quickly than other types of natural bark mulches because it is made from recycled wood chips. Brown mulch is a classic choice that is long lasting and can make plants appear more vibrant when paired together. As you search mulch near me, consider what kind of mulch you’d like to use.

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