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If you’re seeking music lessons or just want to purchase or rent a new instrument, a music store is a guaranteed way to find your way to musical bliss. With specially trained experts, large selections of instruments, your next trip to the music store could just be the beginning of your love affair with playing music.

Are you interested in finding a music store near you? Simply browse music store near me on the map below and find a list of music stores in your area. Need a bit more information on music and musical instruments? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on music!

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True or false: The first musical instrument dates back more than 40,000 years.

You may be inclined to believe that musical instruments first found prominence during the renaissance or a similar age of cultural enlightenment, but that’s simply untrue. According to archaeologists, the first musical instrument dates back more than 40,000 years. Early modern humans reportedly spent their evenings sitting around the fire and playing bone flutes while singing. The find of the bone flue actually pushes back the date when human creativity is believed to have first evolved. Researchers were studying the modern human settlement of Geissenklosterle, which is a part of the Swabian cave system in Southern Germany. The bone flutes found were composed of mammoth ivory and the bones of other large birds. At the site, researchers also found a collection of perforated teeth, ornaments, and stone tools. Not only do these finds demonstrate that culture has always had a huge role in humanity, but it shows the importance of music to these early civilizations. As you search music store near me, think about how musical instruments have influenced human evolution.

music store near me

Music stores often offer both used and new instruments for sale or rent.

What is the most popular instrument to play in the United States?

It may surprise you to know that the most popular instrument in the United States isn’t the guitar, it’s actually the piano. Based on statistics, more than 21 million Americans play the piano. It is considered to be one of the most versatile instrument because it is played in almost every genre of music and can be played solo or along with a group. It takes patience and a great degree of determination to play the piano well, but once you master this instrument, there is a good chance of pursuing a career in music. If you are interested in playing piano, start with a more traditional piano rather than an electric one. It will serve you better throughout your instrumental career. And if your child is interested in piano as you search music store near me, experts recommend starting them at around age 6.

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Not All Brass Instruments Are Created Equal

If you’re searching music store near me, there’s a good chance you’re pursuing a brass instrument. After all, it is one of the most popular options amongst those joining a school or college band. What you might not know is that not every instrument that’s classified in the brass family is actually made of brass. Instruments such as shofars (made of hollowed animal horns) and conch shells are still considered to be in the brass family because they produce sounds through lip vibration. Though they’re not made of any brass, they are still referred to as natural trumpets as they are barely altered from their natural state. They also don’t control valves or slides in order to control the pitch produced. Traditional brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones are primarily made of brass but typically have additional metals mixed in during the production process.

Drum Kit Facts

As you search music store near me, you may be searching for a drum kit. A drum kit is a collection of instruments that includes drums, cymbals, and other additional instruments that can easily be grouped together and played by a single musician. The musician typically uses drum sticks along with pedals to strike the various instruments. These kits first emerged when it was believed that a musician in an orchestra was first required to play more than one instrument., most often the cymbals, bass drum, and triangles. The budget for musicians in most stage shows could not include multiple musicians, thus the drum kit was developed to allow one musician to play many instruments at once. Drummers gained prominence in Us in the 1920s, this is when foley artists became an important aspect of silent films. The drummer was the individual hired to create all of the sound effects for silent films. Galloping horses, trains arriving, flying panes and gunshots were all produced by a drummer. Who knew drums played such a major role in silent films or even in Hollywood?

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