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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

Music is such a deep part of our lives, it is always important to be able to find places where we can get it and enjoy it. So, take a look at the Music Stores Near Me Map below. It will have all of the locations in your area shown nice and clearly.

Just click on one and you will be able to get the business name, address and phone number. You will also be able to get their hours of operation and reviews from past customers. After you are done that, you can enjoy reading about some of the best music stores in the country and some fun facts and trivia about music in America.

Music Stores Near Me – Find it on the Map

Music Stores Near Me – Music Stores Trivia

Best Music Stores in America

Well, there are many amazing music stores in the United States. Here are several that really stand out. If you find one of them while searching Music Stores Near Me, be sure to visit it.

music stores near me

Music stores sell a wide range of instruments and often have connections to teachers to help people learn how to play.

1. The Sound Garden, Baltimore, MD

The Sound Garden focuses mostly on records, CDs and music DVDs. The store is open late on weekends and it has the largest selection of music in the entire city of Baltimore. It has some of the widest range of music you can find, from indie rock to street rap. You will also be able to find DJ Equipment for those who are looking to do some spinning.

2. Sam Ash Music Stores, Manhattan, New York

With more than 30,000 square feet of floor space, this flagship store has got pretty much everything you want. The store was opened in 2012 which consolidated a number of store fronts. You can find a range of instruments and the customers are everyone from beginners to professionals. The best part is, playing and testing the instruments is highly encouraged, so you can have some fun while you are picking out what you need. In addition to instruments, they also have sheet music, computer software, recording equipment and everything else you will need.

3. R Street Music, Washington DC

This location has both instruments and teachers in one location. They primarily focus on teaching stringed instruments, so if you are looking for learning the guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, piano or mandolin they will be ready to help you out.

4. Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, Il

This is a fascinating location for you to check out. You can learn not only how to play the guitar, but also Irish step dance and how to draw. In addition, you will also be able to purchase musical instruments and accessories. This school and store combination has expanded greatly over the years and spread into several buildings along Lincoln Avenue. So, if you are looking to learn or looking to buy, they have got your covered.

5. Monster Music, Miami, Florida

This store has what you need if you are looking to start yourself a nice band. They have not only the instruments, but also lighting equipment, DJ gear and everything else you could hope to get your hands on.

Music Stores Near Me – Music Stores Facts

Music Trivia

How well do you think you know the musical love of the United States? Well, let’s test you out.

1. What is the most popular musical instrument to play in America?

Well, if you guessed the recorder, you would be a bit off. While many people ended up playing it a bit in elementary school, most people wouldn’t say that they actually play it. The guitar and bass may hold a level of popularity, they don’t hold the first place. It turns out that the Piano is the most popular musical instrument. With over 21 million people in America who play it, at least to some degree, it is extremely popular.

2. Which of the following instruments was invented in the United States: Banjo, Saxophone, or tambourine?

If you guessed the Banjo, you are totally correct. The Banjos have a long history and modern designs are dated back to African slaves who created instruments based upon those that they had known from their homes in Africa. The most famous of the early banjos however is probably the one created by Thomas Jefferson in 1781.
The other two hold different histories. The Saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax in 1840 in Belgium and the tambourine is much older than either of the other two. It has histories in Greece, Roman and several regions of the Middle East as a religious instrument.

3. True or False: A guitar played by Elvis Presley at a Hawaiian concert sold for $50,000.

If you guessed true, you would be incorrect. In fact, at a recent auction, a signed guitar that was used in a 1973 concert was expected to sell for more than $500,000. It actually didn’t make it up to the expected target, but did sell for $270,000. It wasn’t enough to break the record for the most expensive Elvis memorabilia which was a 1953 recording of “My Happiness” which sold for $300,000.

4. How much can classical musicians make?

We all have heard the high salaries of famous pop artists. Taylor Swift bringing in over $170 million. Well, classical musicians might not be up that high, but still, music directors of large symphonies do make a great salary. The highest making close to $2 million annually. So, there is still a decent amount of money that people can make in music.

5. What is the average salary of a musician?

We have seen the top, but what does the average musician actually make? The range of salaries really doesn’t have a single answer. It depends upon the type of music and how they are being employed. If you are joining an orchestra, the starting salary can be anywhere from $28,000 to $138,000. If you are working for Broadway as a pit musician (the people who play along with the shows), you are looking at between $800 and $1500 per week. So, if you are searching Music Stores Near Me to start your music career, there are a wide range of options for music careers.

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