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Sometimes you happen to be in the mood for a little pampering and what’s better than getting a manicure? Even if you’re not choosing to get a polish for your nails, you can still a relaxing treatment for your nails and hand and even your feet in some places. Spending just a bit of time in a nail salon can really perk up your mood for the rest up the day and help soothe some stress . If you’re interested in what nail salons may be close to you, just search nail places near me to find a location.

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Who invented the french manicure?

The french manicure is one of the more popular styles to get and that’s no surprise as it’s a rather classy and sophisticated look. Who invented the french manicure actually happened to be Hollywood! Because actresses changed costumes so frequently, they needed a look that was versatile enough to suit it. If you paint the nail tips a opaque white with a transparent flesh tone on the bed, it gives the nail a natural look that looks quite flawless.

nail places near me

A nice manicure can definitely spruce up your look

How popular are nails exactly?

It seems that all things concerning nails has gotten more and more popular in the upcoming times. It is estimated that there are at least 35,000 blogs that are dedicated to things all about nails. With all the new nail lacquers coming out so frequently, you’ll never run out of things to review or discuss.

What does white spots on a nail mean?

It’s quite a common myth that white spots on your nails indicates a calcium deficiency but that is actually false! The truth is that those white spots on your nails are quite common and harmless and doesn’t indicate any specific vitamin deficiency at all. These white spots are most likely signs of previous signs of trauma to the nail plate or the matrix.

Do your nails need to breathe?

You probably like to get a weekly manicure but you’d probably fare off better if you were waiting a bit of time in between each one. Oxygen does penetrate through the nail plate to the nail bed and when you smother the nail and nail bed beneath it, the nail may actually have a harder time fighting off infections such as the wart virus or a nail fungus. Nail polish happens to be quite drying to the nail so constantly polishing them can dry out the nail and make them less flexible and strong. Waiting a bit of time in between will probably help you out and keep your nails nice and strong or otherwise your nails will get quite weak and you can’t do much to reverse it. If you’re interested in getting a manicure, just search nail places near me to find the closest location.

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You may not have known it but your nails can tell all about your health problems. A well-trained dermatologist can tell quite a lot about you just by examining your nails. If you have maybe blueish nail discoloration, it could mean lung disease while capillaries in the cuticles can show an autoimmune disease. If your nails are yellow, white or banded, those can also indicate a very serious or life-threatening disease. So if you see anything out of the ordinary with your nails, you’d be best off asking for a dermatologist to check out your nails and make sure everything is okay.

Did you know that nail polish actually originated in China around 3000 BC? They were made up of quite a few ingredients including beeswax, egg whites, gelatin and vegetable dyes. The colors that people wore also indicated their place in society. The lower class usually wore nudes or lighter colors while high society usually painted their nails red.

You have a bit of time to use your nail polish once you open them. After opening up your nail polishes, you have about two years to use them but unopened bottles can last indefinitely. Why nail polish only last about two years is because after opening, certain ingredients evaporate which may change the formula and consistency of the polish.
By technicality, neon nail polish is considered illegal. The FDA hasn’t approved them yet and certain colorants used to create neon and glow-in-the-dark polishes are not allowed but you can still find them on beauty shelves. Many popular brands like OPI will use formulas with FDA-approved coloring but other nail polishes are most likely imported. IF you’re in the mood to get a neon manicure, just search nail places near me to find a location and go and get your nails done!

If you’re wondering what the first nail polishes were made from, you’d probably be quite surprised! Makeup artist Michelle Menard adapted the enamel used for car to create a polish for nails sometime in the 1920s. The preferred style of that time was something known as the Moon Manicure where you only painted the middle of the nail and left both the tip and cuticle bare.

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