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If you’re in need of auto parts and expert advice in a flash, Napa Auto Parts is the right place for you. Founded in 1925, the National Automotive Parts Association, also known as NAPA is an American retailer cooperative that specializes in distributing replacement parts, accessories, and service items at reasonable prices.

Are you interested in finding a Napa Auto Parts near you? Simply browse Napa Auto Parts near me on the map below and find a list of Napa stores located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Napa auto parts and auto repair? Read on for facts, tips, trivia, and more!

Napa Auto Parts Near Me – Find it on the Map

Napa Auto Parts Near Me – Napa Auto Parts Trivia

How old must one be to work at Napa Auto Parts?

Interested in finding a job at Napa Auto Parts? Consider these facts as you search Napa Auto Parts near me. In order to procure a job at Napa Auto Parts, all potential highers must prove to be at least 18 years old. Some positions that require lengthy responsibilities, such as a stockroom manager or a supervisor may call for applicants to be older than 21 years old. Hourly pay will depend on your unique position, but most Napa workers earn between $12 and $15 to start, depending on qualifications and job title. If auto repair and working with cars is your thing, Napa can be a great place to start your career in the automotive world.

napa auto parts near me

Napa has everything you need to keep your car in top shape!

What year was Napa Auto Parts officially founded?

Napa Auto Parts might seem like a fairly recent idea, consider just how widespread the brand still is, but the history of this parts shop goes way back. Consider this as you search Napa Auto Parts near me. Napa was officially founded in 1925 when a group of auto parts sellers decided to meet up in Detroit in order to form the National Automotive Parts Association. The mission of these men was simple: help to improve the distribution of auto parts in the United States and get parts to the people and businesses who rely on cars and trucks to make life flow. In 1936, Napa Auto Parts opened its very first location, when an existing Atlanta auto parts store was purchased and transformed. The original owner thought that the auto parts industry was on the decline and sold off his store at a budget price. Unfortunately for him, the automotive world was really just getting started.

How many oil changes are performed every year in the US?

Oil changes are one of the most important aspects of car maintenance, but just how many oil changes are performed every year in the US alone? Think on these statistics as you search Napa Auto Parts near me. In 2007 alone, drivers in the United States registered a whopping 254 million passenger vehicles. On average, a single vehicle owner will drive their cars or trucks just over 10,000 miles per year. These same drivers will get an oil change every 3,000 miles on average. This translates to nearly 900 million oil changes in the US every single year.

Napa Auto Parts Near Me – Napa Auto Parts Facts

The Primary Car Fluids

One thing you might want to consider after searching Napa Auto Parts near me is the fluids your car requires in order to run properly. Most people know you need motor oil, but did you know that there are actually six primary fluids that your car needs in order to be its best. The six different primary car fluids that every car requires are: motor oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid. While you might think that these oils aren’t that important, mechanics will be the first to tell you that it’s absolutely necessary to replenish and changes these fluids regularly. Keep your car on a maintenance schedule and date when each of these fluids are replaced every year. By knowing when you’ve performed routine tasks such as these, you can help keep your car on the road longer and potentially help to diagnose any issues should they arise. Make sure when you change fluids that you properly dispose of the old oils. Many automobile fluids can prove hazardous to both people and animals. If you’re not sure how to go about changing your own fluids or how to dispose of older fluids, call up your local mechanic or Napa location. Either would be more than happy to assist!

Reserve Your Parts Online

In need of some car parts but don’t’ want the hassle of spending a lot of time in the store? You’re in luck. If you’re searching Napa Auto Parts near me, you can actually reserve car parts online and pick them in store at a later time. This makes the transaction faster and you get to spend a majority of time in your Pjs. All you have to do is reserve your items on the Napa website. Choose your preferred store and the items will be waiting for you in as little as two hours. Specific items might take longer due to inventory or availability. Either way, it doesn’t get much simpler than reserving items online and breezing through to pick them up at a later time of day. Online reservation and in store pick up is truly the first wave of the future of shopping.

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