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Many of the world’s cuisines were developed with products originally grown in the Americas. In fact, when you think of traditional foods in other countries (ie: potatoes in Ireland), you might be surprised to learn that many of the products used were not available to the European world prior to 1492.

They were only found in the Americas. Because of this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Native Americans established great culinary practices that are still beloved today. When you search Native American restaurant near me, you’re seeking out foods that are timeless, hearty, and true to the flavors of the earth.

Ready to find a Native American restaurant? Browse Native American restaurant near me on the map below and find a list of the best Native American restaurants near you. Need a bit more information on Native American food? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more. Don’t let this cuisine go undiscovered a second longer!

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What did Native Americans eat?

What first comes to your mind when you think of Native American food? Would it be maize or other delicacies first shown to colonists in the New World? Well, you’re not far off, but there is more to Native American cuisine than the basics you learned about in school. Consider how varied Native American food is as you search Native American restaurant near me. Native American cuisine actually includes the food practices and delicacies from all indigenous peoples of the Americas. This means that the cuisine itself is diverse. Modern-day Native Americans have adapted a culture of various traditional foods, some of which are particularly important at social gatherings (ie: frybread). Food such as hominy, cranberry, turkey, cornbread and much are also popular amongst many Native American groups.

Overall, the most important crops used in Native American cuisine are corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, wild rice, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peanuts, avocados, potatoes, papayas, and chocolate. Expect to find a wide breadth of dishes utilizing these ingredients in a flavorful and robust way.

One thing you can always expect from a Native American meal- real, fresh ingredients. You won’t find much in the way of frozen or microwaved meals. Most Native American restaurants pride themselves on serving dishes that they would share with their own family, not something defrosted from a tray.

Native American Restaurant Near Me

Frybread is one of the most culturally important foods in Native American cuisine.

Do modern day Native Americans have a distinct cuisine?

Yes and no. Like many culturally based cuisines, Native American cuisine is rather robust in its diversity. Generally speaking, Native American cuisine is best represented by the use of indigenous domesticated and wild ingredients. Often simple and direct in flavor, you won’t find much fussy about a Native American dish. In some ways, this cuisine shares many similarities with dishes common in the Southwest.

Mexican meals are also quite similar to those shared by many Native American tribes, especially those in the west. Of course, Native American restaurants will use many flavors that aren’t’ commonly used in other types of cuisine. Ramps, wild ginger, miner’s lettuce and juniper berry are all utilized to impart a tangible flavor and spark to various dishes.

Like any cuisine, it isn’t unusual for a Native American chef to adopt or create a dish based on their own imagination, often using ingredients as the anchor of authenticity. While searching Native American restaurant near me, consider what you might find in a typical Native American restaurant.

Native American Restaurant Near Me – Facts

What are the best Native American restaurants?

If you’re searching Native American restaurant near me, then you’re on the quest for a truly great meal based on Native American traditions. Whether you’re craving authentic fry bread or a hearty stew, there are plenty of Native American restaurants to choose from in every corner of the United States. Remember, given the amount of tribes that once peppered the entire United States, no two restaurants are likely to serve up exactly the same meals. With cultural differences in mind and an eye on creativity, there’s no guessing what you’ll find on your quest. Read on for a few of the best in the country and narrow down your choices today.

If you find yourself in the Washington DC Area, you may want to check out Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe. This restaurant sticks to its roots and takes on a classic buffet-style approach to serving indigenous foods from all across America.

From the Great Plains to the Northwest Coast, you can find a dish that suits your tastes and curiosities. Salmon lovers will love the plank salmon while those who love a Southwestern flair will enjoy the homemade tortillas. What this cafe aims to do is introduce people from all walks of life to the intricacies and joys of Native American cooking.

Native American restaurants in the West

If you find yourself out west while searching Native American restaurant near me, you may want to check out Tocabe in Denver, Colorado. Rather than going the buffet route, this restaurant serves up a food-court-style counter. It aims to bring Native American cuisine off of the reservations and into the public. With an emphasis on heritage, expect to find dishes such as corn chowder, meat pies, and the best fry bread in the west.

Of course, you’ll also find a broad variety of other Native American dishes, given that the restaurant seeks to gather ingredients from tribes all across the US. That means you can chow down on wild rice, posu bowls, and even braised shredded bison. If you’re looking for a restaurant that seeks to serve any palette give Tocabe a go.

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