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Looking for noodles fast? Noodles and Company is a fast casual restaurant that specializes in offering international and American noodle dishes, in addition to soups, salads, and pastas. If you have a hankering for noodles but don’t exactly want to drop your entire paycheck or wait several hours to be served, Noodles and Company is the right place for you!

Interested in finding a Noodles and Company in your local region? Simply browse Noodles and Company near me on the map below and find a list of of locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on this fun restaurant chain? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

Noodles and Company Near Me – Find it on the Map

Noodles and Company Near Me – Noodles and Company Trivia

True or false: The founder of Noodles and Company worked at Pepsi first.

Every business, big or small, has a launching off point. A singular moment when an idea strikes and the potential for a true success is on the horizon. Noodles and Company wasn’t something that was conceptualized in a single flash, but it was something that was considered for several years by founder Aaron Kennedy. Before moving onto Noodles, what did Aaron Kennedy do as a day job? Consider this as you search Noodles and Company near me. When founder Aaron Kennedy first set out to start his fresh fast food chain back in 1995, he wasn’t some industry novice looking to find his footing. He had previously served as a product and brand manager for Pepsi. He also worked as a marketing research assistant for the Oscar Mayer Company. At these gigs, Kennedy learned a thing or two about how to run a successful business, what role marketing plays in getting the word out, and how to entice customers with quality products.

noodles and company near me

Hungry for noodles? Noodles and Company has you covered!

True or false: A bad review nearly ruined Noodles and Company.

Every restaurant dreads a bad review, especially when they’re just starting out. After all, the satisfaction of your customers is the cornerstone of a long and lasting business. Is it true that a bad review nearly sunk Noodles and Company? Consider this as you search Noodles and Company near me. After finally putting down firm roots in Denver, Colorado, the brand decided to open a second shop a few states over. Despite the initial excitement of expansion, the company was not exactly prepared for how the Wisconsin locals would respond to their restaurant. A review written in the Wisconsin State Journal nearly sank the whole ship. While the writer praised the concept of the store, he hated just about everything else. Trashing everything from the food to the overall design. After the article came out, sales plummeted to an all time low. Two months later, the brand was just barely making enough to cover the cost of food and labor. It was a close call but Noodles and Company fought their way back to the top by using the review as a learning opportunity. They revamped the store, streamlined the model, and successfully brought Noodles and Company back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Noodles and Company Near Me – Noodles and Company Facts

The Most Popular Noodles And Company Dish

If you’re searching Noodles and Company near me, you might be wondering what exactly the most popular dish on the menu actually is. After all, with so many noodle dishes to choose from, how can one always settle on just one. Well, people seem to want to stick to the classics and tend to clamor for the signature Wisconsin mac and cheese more than any other item on the menu. Since launching the dish, Noodles and Company has served up more than 50 million helpings of the signature noodle dish.

No Need To Tip

Unlike many conventional restaurants, Noodles and Company asks you kindly not to leave a tip. Sure, it might seem pretty strange, but the brand does not encourage tipping and boasts a pretty flagrant “no tipping policy.” The reason? Not having to tip gets customers in and out more quickly and helps to keep prices low. Some believe the no tipping policy may just be one of the reasons why Noodles and Company is so darn successful. Of course, if you insist on tipping a Noodles and Company team member, that’s entirely up to you. Employees are urged not to accept tips.

Head for the Sautee Line

Not sure where to go when you first visit a Noodles and Company location? You’re not alone! If you’re searching Noodles and Company near me, then you know that this popular chain boasts hundreds of noodle dishes and possible taste combinations. So what should you do? Head of the sauté line of course. Employees always encourage customers who have never been to a store before to start with sautéed dishes. Popular choices include the pesto cavatappi, Indonesian peanut sauté, whole grain tuscan Fresca, and even more sautéed goodies. Not only is the sauté line reportedly fresher than the side with Mac & Cheese, but it allows you a great degree of customization and it’s just a lot of fun to watch. Of course, what you choose at this great establishment is entirely up to you! What will you go with on your next visit to Noodles and Company?

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