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Notary publics have served an important role in human life since 43BC when the job of a notary was first mentioned in historical documents. Not only do notaries serve as an impartial witness in a variety of official acts but they also serve in aiding individuals when they sign important documents.

In the US, many official documents such as mortgages and car registration turnover cannot be performed without the assistance of a notary. Are you interested in finding a notary near you? Simply browse notary near me on the map below and find a list of notary publics in your area. Need more information on notaries? Read on for facts and trivia on notaries!

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Who was history’s first recorded notary?

While searching notary near me, you might be interested to find out who the first recorded notary in history was. According to historians, the first notary is said to be a Roman slave named Tiro. tiro reportedly developed a shorthand system while he called noate. His first true was taking down speeches of the once famed orator Cicero. Stenographers of this time period such as Niro became known as the notarri or scribe. Since literacy was not widespread back then, the notary served to prepare contracts, willes and other important documents for a small fee. As the Roman empire expanded and literacy increased amongst citizens the demand for a notary grew even more rapidly.

notary near me

Notary publics have been around since the beginning of time. From transcribing speeches to keeping tabs on royal possessions, notaries have always held a large role in history.

True or false: Shakespeare once worked with a notary in order to write “The Merchant of Venice.”

This is true! Notaries have always held a special place in history, especially when it comes to some of the most known figures of the past. For example, there is said to be considerable evidence that William Shakespeare once worked for several months with a Warwickshire notary while producing many of his most famous works. Later he spent considerable time with other English notaries. It’s said that he drew on these experiences with notaries when writing plays such as “The Merchant of Venice.”

How many notary publics are in the United States?

If you’re searching for a notary in the United States you shouldn’t have any trouble in finding a notary public to fulfill your most basic duties. According to statistics from the US government, there are over 4.5 million notary publics in the United States. That’s the equivalent of the entire population of New Zealand. No matter what needs you may have in finding a notary public, you’ll likely find someone to fulfill your notary needs.

True or false: Historical notaries didn’t trust Christopher columbus.

True! Even though Columbus was accompanied by several notaries on all of his voyages, the notaries didn’t trust Columbus. In fact, the whole reason they accompanied Columbus is because King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella wanted to make sure that all of Columbus treasures were accounted for.

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Colonial Notaries

If you’re searching notary near me, then the history of these public notaries were an asset to all commerce that existed between countries. Before electronic communication was established, merchants on both side of the Atlantic saw notaries as the only honest third party that could report on damage to ships and cargo. This act was known s was marine protest and was one of the earliest job of notaries during this time period. Now notaries have jobs that aren’t quite as intense, but their purpose is no less important.

Female Notaries

Unfortunately throughout much of the history of America, women weren’t always treated as fairly as their mail counterparts. Not only were women not allowed to vote, but until the early 1900s, women were also strictly prohibited from becoming public notaries and holding such an important position. Noted supreme court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. believed that since women never held any kind of public office in England that they would be incapable of handling the position of notary. Now, almost two thirds of all notaries are reported as being female. That’s equal rights for all!

Early Origins

If you’re searching notary near me then consider where the word “notary” comes from. According to historians, “notary” stems from the Latin word “nota,” which was a system of shorthand developed by a clerk in the early ages. Now a notary has duties that are not limited to just transcribing speeches or relaying messages. Notaries play a highly important rule in making sure that all documents are properly signed, legal, and up to snuff as far as legislature goes.

The First Public Notary in America

The first public notary in America was appointed in the Colony of New Haven in 1639. During the seventeenth century, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia each appointed state notaries. Since 1639, notaries have only grown in popularity in the United States and abroad. While they may not hold the royal title they once did, notaries still prove a pivotal part of making America run smoothly.

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