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Need to get to get something notarized? Not sure where to find a notary or which one you should go to? Well, take a look at the Notary Public Near Me Map below. It will show you the locations of all of the different Notary Publics in your area. It will give you the name of the firm/business, their phone number, address and hours of operation.

You will also be able to get reviews from past clients and if they have a website, you should get a link to that too. Finally, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions. If you would like more information about Notary Publics or are interested in some facts and trivia about the occupation please keep reading below.

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Notary Public Near Me – Notary Public Trivia

Notary Public Services

Are you not sure what a Notary Public is responsible for? Well, they don’t have the most glamorous job but they do serve a very important role in society. Generally speaking, a Notary Public is someone who has been given permission by a government official or body to act as an official witness to certain document signings. Depending on the state or jurisdiction those powers may vary but generally speaking they can witness acknowledgement, certified power of attorney, taking of an oath, and opening a safety deposit box. They can also be used to duplicate official documents in some states, notarizing duplicates to prove the authenticity.

notary public near me

Notary Publics are responsible for acting as official government licensed witnesses for a wide range of documents.

Cost of a Notary Public’s Services

So you have decided to get something notarized. Well, what will it cost you? There can be a wide range of prices involved depending on the service and if it is an after hours request. Some states have maximum prices, some have minimums and some have both. It can vary widely between which state you are in. Generally, you are looking at between $2 – $10 per document that needs to be notarized; however, if the Notary Public needs to come to you, there is often a travel charge included, which can be around $50. If you are looking for a cheap notary, many banks offer free notary services for customers that have accounts.

What do You need when you visit a Notary Public?

Alright, you have chosen your notary public and now you are ready to go visit them to get the service you need. What do you need to bring with you? Well, the list is rather small. If there are any documents you need notarized, be sure to bring at least one good copy of it. Keep it safe, like in a secured, reinforced folder or brief case. You will need government issued ID, this can be a driver’s license or passport. If you have other ID that is from your state or federal government, you should be good. It just need to have a picture and your name on it. Also, in some states, the notary will require a second witness to be with you. Finally, you will need some form of payment. With all of that, you should be ready to visit the notary that you found using Notary Public Near Me.

Notary Public Near Me – Notary Public Facts

Facts and Trivia About Notary Public

Curious to know more about Notary Publics? Well, here are some things that you may or may not know about their powers, history and just quirky facts.

Can a Notary perform a wedding?

Well, if you are looking for a cheap and quick way to get married, you might want to look into a Notary Public. Seriously, in three different states they are able to solemnize weddings. In Florida, Maine, and South Carolina, you can just go to a notary, so long as you and your partner are sober, and request to be married. All you need is a wedding license, your identification, and the ceremony must take place within the state that the notary is commissioned to work in. The cost for the services of the notary is only around $30. Just be warned, they aren’t allowed to skip the ceremony part if you are in a rush. The ceremony is required for the official solemnizing of the wedding.

True or False, a Notary Public home call is always going to be expensive.

The answer, is surprisingly false. No, seriously. While it was mentioned earlier that to have a notary visit will likely cost you a bit more, some places in excess of $50 for travel fees if they have a long way to go, it isn’t true in every state. You see, in several states there are restrictions on the charges for travel fees that notaries can charge. In one state, they even go a bit further. In the state of North Carolina notaries are not allowed to charge any travel fees. This may restrict the availability of a notary to their home or office, unless you have a big order for them that would make the trip worth while. You aren’t likely to track down a mobile notary in that state due to the restriction. So, if you are searching for Notary Public Near Me in North Carolina, you are probably going to want to pay close attention to how close the notary is if you were hoping to get one to come to you.

How Many Notary Publics are there?

There are more notaries in the United States than there are McDonalds branches… in the world. In fact, there are more notaries than all fast food chain employees, which comes in just under 4 million people. There are an estimated 4.5 million notaries in the entire United States. That is more than 1 for every 100 people. You probably know at least one person who is a notary.

Where do notaries come from?

Notaries have an interesting history. In the English speaking world, they started off around the 13th century when common law was being established and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury was granted the authority to create notaries; however, the tradition actually dates back all the way to the Roman Empire. During that period, they were official scribes, called scribae, who took official records and copied documents.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Since banks handle a lot of documents that must be notarized, it’s common for some bank employees to be notaries and for the bank to offer free notary services to its customers.

  2. Alice Darby says:

    I once had a notary transfer prepare and transfer ownership and have it registered for me…can they still do that and if so at what price…please respond…thanks