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For garden enthusiasts and those just looking to spiff up their landscaping, a trip to the local nursery or greenhouse can be the difference between a healthy garden and one that dies shortly into the season. Local nurseries offer a great selection of healthy plants that suit your particular climate better than others. The expertise offered at these nurseries is also pivotal in crafting a truly healthy garden.

Are you interested in finding nurseries in your area? Simply browse nurseries near me on the map below and find a list of nurseries near me on the map below. Need a bit of information on nurseries? Read on for facts, trivia and a bit of history.

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What are nursery methods and why do they matter?

If you’re searching nurseries near me, you may be wondering which nursery methods are implemented in creating the best environments for plants. With so many plant types, there is no one size fits all approach. Nurseries can grow plants in containers, in tunnels, greenhouses, or in open fields. In open fields, nurseries often grow ornamental trees, fruit trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials. Plants meant for wholesale trade or amenity plantings are almost always grown in open fields as well. Container Field nurseries are often tasked with growing small trees, shrubs, and plants that are destined for sale in garden centers at box stores or local hardware stores. Nurseries (especially in cooler climates), almost always grow plants in greenhouse, a building comprised of glass or plastic tunnels. These are designed to protect plants from harsh weather (specifically frost) while providing them with the necessary light and ventilation. Modern greenhouses allow for automated temperature, light, and semi-automated feeding and water. Some have even evolved to include fold back roofs to allow hardening off plants without the need for transfer to outdoor beds. Despite modern conveniences, most nurseries remain highly labor intensive. Though some processes have been streamlined and mechanized, others have not. Since plant care requires such stringent observation, it is impossible for many nurseries to fully minimize labour costs through mechanization.

nurseries near me

A native plant nursery offers organically fertilized and local plants.

What are annuals sold in?

Certain types of plants are often sold in certain types of containers to help maintain vitality. Annual plants are sold in trays (undivided containers with multiple plants), flats (trays with built in individual cells), peat pots, or even plastic pots. Perennial plants are often sold in pots, bare root or balled, and are bur lapped in a variety of sizes. Balled and Burlap trees are dug either by hand or by a loader that has a tree spade attached. Although container grown woody plants are becoming more and more popular with consumers due to their versatility and ease, burlap and balled is still the most widely used method throughout the industry. While you search nurseries near me, consider just what types of plants you’re looking to find.

Nurseries Near Me – Nurseries Facts

Horticulture Production

Different nurseries throughout the US are responsible for producing particular plants. Consider this while searching nurseries near me. There are 10 states in the United States that actually account for around 65 percent of all horticulture production. According to statistics, California, Florida, and Oregon lead the nation in plant sales. Hort operations was reportedly responsible for $13.8 billion in sales of floriculture, nursery, and speciality crops, that’s an increase of 18 percent since 2009. Not only is this great news for nurseries throughout the US, but it’s great news for family and individually run nursery operations. Small time operations make up for 53 percent of nursery businesses. Sadly, corporate operations account for 76 percent of all sales. Corporate operations often sell to big box stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart. They also supply to chain grocery stores that sell plants during the summer or autumn months. Businesses that strictly grew food crops increased sales by a whopping 71 percent of all sales since 2013. That’s good news for grocery stores and famers markets throughout the US.

Types of Nursery Plants

Every nursery can sell many types of plants, including native and imported plants. Nursery plants can be planted in landscaping, personal gardens, or indoor pots. If you’re searching nurseries near me in hopes of finding some indoor plants, make sure you use recommended indoor soil and fertilizers. You must also account for the amount of sunlight your plants will be receiving, along with any animals that may be tempted to eat the plants within your home. Nursery plants should always be very well maintained to promote healthy growth. Most nursery centers will offer these basic plants, even if they specialize in many others: orchids, ferns, native plants to the state, roses, crimson, perennials, trees, spring and summer bulbs, hedging plants, and palms. What are you looking for while searching nurseries near me?

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