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Nursing homes are an absolute necessity for the aging population of the United States. Many times individuals of a certain age who are in poor health, need the 24/7 care that only a nursing home can provide. These homes can also prove a great way for our elders to socialize and connect with individuals who understand their stories and lifestyles.

Are you interested in finding a nursing home near you? Simply browse nursing homes near me on the map below and find a list of nursing homes located in your area. Need a bit more information on nursing homes? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on these homes.

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Nursing Homes Near Me – Nursing Homes Trivia

When were nursing homes first established?

Nursing homes are so common in modern society, that we rarely even stop to consider their existence until we need one for ourselves or a loved one. But prior to the nineteenth century, nursing homes were largely unheard of. At this time in history, women’s and church groups first began to establish special homes for elderly persons. Concerned that our elders would have no place to grow old and peacefully live out their remaining days, the early homes focused on giving quality care that was in deep contrast to the lives many of these elders would have otherwise have had to live on their own or cast out to lower quality homes for the old. Early nursing homes granted the elderly population the respect they deserved. Though they still required substantial entrance fees and familiar support, many early homes did have separate rooms or wings for the needy poor. Receiving support for local charities, these homes gave all elders the dignity and quality of life they so rightfully deserved. Consider these facts as you search nursing homes near me.

nursing homes near me

Residents enjoying day to day life at a nursing home.

What are the most common reasons for living in a nursing home?

There are many reasons why individuals live in a nursing home. If you’re searching nursing homes near me, you likely have a few reasons of your own. According to experts, the number one reason that individuals go to live in a nursing home is due to some type of disability that can keep them from accomplishing the activities of daily living. About 25% of all nursing home residents require help with one or two activities daily (for example walking or bathing, 75% of residents need help with three or more activities. For the family members of these residents, the peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones are being helped and cared for properly offsets any costs accrued. In addition to physical problems, many elders suffer from mental conditions such as dementia. It’s believed that around 50-75% of all nursing home residents suffer from dementia. Two thirds have issues with memory or in making daily decisions. Nursing homes can help elders cope with their mental conditions and lead a great and fulfilling day to day life free of confusion.

Nursing Homes Near Me – Nursing Homes Facts

Choosing the Right Nursing Home

If you’re searching nursing homes near me, you may need a bit of aide in figuring out how to choose the right nursing home for your loved one. To start, always reach out to your family doctor and healthcare professionals such as social workers to provide quality recommendations. Visit as many places as possible and be sure to gather a sense of what a place is like, including the quality of overall care and the feeling. Use a checklist to evaluate the range of services offered, convenience, and any costs that may be accrued. Always allow yourself at least an hour or two so that you can meet with an admissions officer, nursing home administrator, head nurse, or social worker. Remember no nursing home is going to be perfect. Remember to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Is the nursing home clean?
2. Is it well maintained?
3. What’s the mood of the residents like?
4. Are the rooms adequate
5. What kind of recreational space is available?
6. Are safety features being implemented?
7. Is the home licensed by the state or certified by medicaid?
8. What’s the food like?

Paying for Nursing Home Care

If you’re searching nursing homes near me, then you’re likely wondering how nursing home care can be paid for. To start, always check with Medicare, Medicaid, and any private insurance provider to find out current rules on them covering the costs of long term care. Many aging individuals can have most of their care paid for by through these programs. For anyone who requires special care, Medicare can cover at least part of the cost if you choose a skilled nursing home facility. Medicaid, provides health benefits to those with lower incomes. Not all elderly people qualify but many do, check with your county’s family services department to discover if you or a loved one qualifies for help. The cost of a nursing home can also be paid for through private pay. This is when you are tasked with making the payment out of you or your loved ones long term savings. It’s not always ideal, but for many it’s the only way. Long term care insurance is another great option for paying for care. This type of insurance will pay for part of the costs of a nursing home or other long term care facility as stated in your policy.

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