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Are you a true automotive do it yourselfer who loves to work on your own car, spruce up a classic, or even just maintain your investment? If so, finding the right auto parts store can make all the difference in your hobby. While it might seem like all commercial auto parts stores are created equal, O Reilly auto parts will quickly make you think otherwise. With fair prices, expert staffers, and the ability to order any part for your vehicle, O Reilly makes it easy to keep your car in tip top shape.

Interested in finding an O Reilly shop near you? Simply browse O Reilly near me on the map below and find a list of O Reilly locations in your neighborhood. Interested in a bit more information on O Reilly? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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How much does O Reilly Auto Parts pay its employees?

Like many auto parts chains in the United States, O Reilly prides itself on offering fair wages to its expert staff of employees. While not every job pulls down the same pay at O Reilly Auto Parts, there are some consistencies. Consider this if you’re searching O Reilly near me in hopes of finding your next gig. On average, an hourly employee at O Reilly Auto Parts will start at $8.55 per hour if hired to work in sales or as a cashier. This quickly jumps to $13.52 per hour should you get hired as a commercial sales executive. The average O Reilly Auto Parts salary ranges from $18,000 per year for a cashier/stocker up to $63,290 per year for someone hired or promoted to the position of Operations Manager. The great thing about working at O Reilly is the potential for growth. Unlike many retail sales positions, loyal O Reilly employees do enjoy frequent promotions and a great deal of upward mobility.

o reilly near me

O Reilly has every auto part you could imagine at the prices you can afford!

Who founded O Reilly Auto Parts?

As you search O Reilly near me, you may be wondering who founded this long standing chain. The auto parts store was originally founded by Charles Francis O’Reilly who attended college in St. Louis and went to work in 1914 as a traveling salesman for the Fred Campbell Auto Supply chain. By 1924, Charles had become very familiar with the Springfield area and the idea of crafting the perfect sales pitch for auto parts. While traveling by train to many parts o the territory, Charles became an expert on all things auto parts related. In 1932, his knowledge earned him the position of manager at the Link Motor Supply Company in Springfield. He quickly brought one of his sons into the company and together they proved a dynamic enough duo to make Link the most revered auto parts store in the area. In 1957, Link planned a massive reorganization. This would have included the retirement of Charles F. O’ Reilly and the transfer of his son. Rather than stepping down, the pair formed what is now known as O Reilly Auto Parts. Sometimes there really is a silver lining!

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A Successful Buyout

Every successful business knows that growth and acquisition are often the keys to success, especially in a crowded retail market. Given the number of retail auto parts stores that now pepper the US, O Reilly had to take a few risks and make some solid movies to ensure upward mobility and a solid place on the auto parts food chain. On July 11, 2008, the brand made a massive step forward when it completed the largest acquisition in its history by purchasing CSK Auto. The purchase added a monumental 1,273 stores to the O Reilly family, covering 12 states. This buyout, combined with acquisitions that had been made in the previous years served to make O Reilly the third largest auto parts chain the country, just after Advance Auto parts and AutoZone. If you’re searching O Reilly near me and wondering if this is it for the mega brand, don’t be so sure. The retail chain has only promised even more growth and additional locations in the coming years.

Should You Change Your Own Oil?

Are you searching O Reilly near me in hopes of learning how to change your own car oil? If so, there are few pros and cons to consider. While changing your own oil isn’t difficult, it does have some cons that keep people from completing the task on your own. For starters, the savings isn’t very much. At most, you’ll probably save around $5-$10. You’ll also need to dispose of the used oil and filter on your own, which will include a disposal fee. Failure to properly dispose of your oil can lead to environmental setbacks and even a fine from your local township or county. If you don’t have the specialized tools and equipment necessary, there may be a hearty investment into these instruments. You’ll need a special wrench, oil pans, and possibly even ramps. When you have your oil changed by a professional, you will typically also get your tires rotated for free. Most will also included extras such as a 22 point inspection and fluid top off. All mechanics are trained to look for abnormalities and help you catch problems before they become big disasters. Of course, there are a few benefits of changing your own oil as well. You’ll know the job is done correctly and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you completed the task yourself. Weigh the pros and cons and decide which option is best for you. At the end of the day, you know what’s best for your vehicle and yourself.

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