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The role and talents of the obgyn date back to the 1500s when the first recorded (successful) cesarean section took place at the hands of Dr. Jacob Nufer. Since then, the role of an obgyn has only grown. Now an obygyn is a specialist who is trained to provide both medical and surgical care to women. These doctors have a particular expertise in pregnancy, childbirth, and disorders associated with the reproductive system. If you’re a woman, scheduling bi-yearly appointments with an obgyn is a good idea whether you’re looking to conceive or not. When it comes to overall health, an obgyn is an important part of the package.

Are you interested in finding an obgyn in your area? Simply browse obgyn near me on the map below and find a list of qualified obgyns in your area. Need a bit more information on Obgyns? Read on for facts and trivia on this important medical specialty.

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Who is credited with the development of obstetrics?

While searching Obgyn near me, consider the history behind this ancient and often spiritual practice. For several decades, midwives haven’t played as large of a role in women’s health and the delivery of children as they once did. But it is the midwife who essentially paved the way for obstetrics to even exists. For thousands of years, midwives assisted women during labor and aided in overall reproductive health. With their knowledge and compassion, the first rung of the ladder to obstetrics was climbed. In fact, up until the 20th century, the science of obstetrics was still referred to as midwifery in most medical scores. In Latin, obstetrix is the word for midwife. While looking for options at birth, you can still consider the guidance and wisdom of a midwife.

obgyn near me

An obgyn does more than just care for women during her time of pregnancy, they also help to maintain a woman’s overall health and wellness.

True or false: The science of birth has been written for thousands of years.

True! In your quest to find an obgyn near me, you may be considering conceiving a child. Even if you’re not quite there yet, it is something that will likely cross your mind in the decades to come. Did you know that the science of birth and labor has actually been written for thousands of years ? Historians have uncovered texts from the time of Hippocrates (5th century BC) that cover and discuss obstetrics in detail. Amongst the things written about; childbirth, postpartum care, and caring for the child itself.

True or false: The first ever textbook on obstetrics was a runaway bestseller.

This fact definitely ranks as true! Published in 1513, the first ever obstetrics textbook was a best seller. Titled “Der Schwangern Frauen und Hebamen Rosengarten” the book was translated into multiple languages and proved a valuable guidebook for midwives and individuals who needed more information on the art of obstetrics and child rearing. Written by Eucharis Rooslin, an apothecary, the book was compiled and restated from texts found by ancient scientists and philosophers. That’s ancient wisdom if ever there was any!

Obgyn Near Me – Obgyn Facts

Cesareans Are the Most Common Surgical Procedure in the US

In searching obgyn near me, you might be interested in knowing that the most common major surgical procedure in the United States is actually a cesarean section. According to doctors, there are two major reasons why c-sections are the most common procedure in the US. The first is that most c-sections are now performed electively rather than as an alternative to natural birth. In fact many women will schedule a c-section date months in advance of their due date to coincide with work and time off. The second is that with a rising number of induced labors and interventions, there is a drastic rise in fetal and maternal distress. This often results in an emergency c-section being performed in order to guarantee the safety of both the mother and the child.

Female Obgyn’s Are the Minority

Despite the fact that many women often feel more comfortable with a female obgyn than with a male, female obstetricians are still vastly in the minority. Historically, the field of medicine and even the speciality of pregnancy and childbirth was a male dominated field . Almost all doctors and obstetricians were men because women weren’t always given the same opportunities for education as men were in the early days of science. The first female to ever graduate from medical school was Elizabeth Blackwell back in 1821, from there it took more than a century and a half for female doctors to be considered “normal” or common..” Because of these even the field of obstetrics has been a largely male dominated field. Despite this, the tides are turning. Many women are beginning to outnumber men in choosing obstetrics as a speciality. In a few decades, women will likely outnumber men as obgyns.

Skills Required to be an Obgyn

Maybe you’re searching obgyn by me because your considering a career in this field and would like to consult with an obgyn on your potential future. An obgyn can work in a variety of settings including clinics, private offices, and hospitals. No matter what location an obgyn chooses to practice in, they’ll need to have plenty of empathy and good training. Strong communication skills and ability to quickly problem solve area also a must when considering a role as an obgyn.

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