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Need some new toner for your printer? Maybe you have run out of paper? How about a new computer? Whatever the reason you are looking for office supplies, office max is bound to have what you need. Just check out the Office Max Near Me Map below. It will give you the locations for all of the Office Max stores in your area.

Just click on a location and it will give you the address, phone number and hours of operation. You will also get reviews from customers who have been the location and a link to the company website. Finally, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions, so you will be able to be on your way as soon as possible.

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Office Max Hours of Operation

Office Max locations have a small range of difference in the hours of operation between locations. Generally speaking, weekdays they will be open at 8am and close between 8 and 9pm, with an early closing on Wednesday nights. On the weekends, you will find opening hours between 8 and 9am and closing at 8pm on Saturdays. On Sundays, you will find their hours generally between 10am and 6pm. The locations will also have reduced hours on public holidays and closed on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

office max near me

OfficeMax is a subsidiary of Office Depot and a supplier of all the office supplies you need.

OfficeMax Products

Never been to an OfficeMax? Not sure what you will find? Well, generally speaking, you will find a range of all office products. You will find a range of general office supplies including paper, cardstock, notebooks, binders, writing tools and all of the other general office products that you need to restock. You will also find general electronic technology items including printers/scanners, computers, tablets and flash drives. In addition, you have storage products like boxes, containers and paper organizers. Next, you have furniture items. If you are looking for desks, chairs, bookcases and everything else you need to furnish an office, they have got it there for you. Finally, you have got cleaning supplies and everything to stock a breakroom, including coffee and coffee pots/makers.

OfficeMax Services

Maybe you didn’t need to purchase any new office supplies when you searched Office Max Near Me. If you are looking for some printing or shipping services, you are in luck. OfficeMax offers a number of services to help you out. If you need flyers, presentations or booklets made, they have a range of options for everything that you could need printed. They also make posters and banners if you want something blown up. You can also get stamps made or business cards made. In addition, they have a range of promotional items that you can have custom made like cups and pens. Finally, they offer shipping and mailing options by FedEx or USPS. Overall, you have a wide range of services that OfficeMax has to help you out.

Office Max Near Me – Office Max Facts

OfficeMax Facts and History

OfficeMax was founded back in 1988 by Bob Hurwitz and Michael Feuer in Cleveland, Ohio. Office Max started its growth by purchasing Office World in 1990 and had an investment by Kmart, which slowly started to increase its shares during the early 1990s and at one point owned 92% of the company’s shares but started to sell them off to pay off debts until it was completely sold out in 1995.

OfficeMax started at first by competing against Staples and Office Depot during the 1990s. The three companies were in steady competition and started to over fill the market until OfficeMax was started to see enough loss that it required it to start closing underperforming locations.
In 2013, OfficeMax found itself changing its strategy. The company went into a full share merger with Office Depot. The purchase was made by Office Depot, purchasing the company for $1.3 billion. This caused the two companies to equally merge. The share holders of OfficeMax were given shares of Office Depot in exchange for the merging of the companies. The merged company became the largest office supply warehouse in the United States. Officially, OfficeMax was purchased by Office Depot in the end and the merged company started a new head office in Boca Raton, Florida.

In 2015, Staples offered $6.3 billion to purchase Office Depot. Initially, Office Depot’s shareholders accepted the offer, but the Federal Trade Commission blocked the sale as it would decrease the amount of competition in the industry.
As of right now, OfficeMax has over 1,000 locations with its name. The stores are located in 49 different states, so you are bound to find one close at hand whenever you search Office Max Near Me.

Office Max has a rewards program. The program offers you 10% back when you make purchases of paper, toner, ink or a purchase from their services of printing, copying, or shipping. If you do a lot of shopping, more than $200 per quarter, you can also qualify for being a Choice Member, where you get an extra 5% back when you maker purchases from 5 categories of your choice.

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