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Is it time to get a new wardrobe? Have you ripped your last pair of pants? Well, Old Navy has got all of the clothes you need for yourself and your family. With a great range of clothing and reasonable pricing, you are sure to find what you want. Just check out the Old Navy Near Me Map below for all of the locations in your area.

Click on a location and it will give you the address, phone number and hours of operation. You will also be able to get reviews from past customers and a link to the company website. After you are done checking out the map, you can keep reading below to learn more about the company and its history.

Old Navy Near Me – Find it on the Map

Old Navy Near Me – Old Navy Trivia

Old Navy Hours

So, you are ready to head out and purchase your clothing but not sure if the store is open. Well, generally, you will find Old Navy stores within shopping centres. So, the hours that the shopping centres are open will be the same hours for the store. Most shopping centres tend to have hours of 9am until 8 or 9pm, with reduced hours on Sunday and extended hours around the holiday season. So, if you are looking for clothing for Christmas gifts, you may have really long hours that your local Old Navy is open.

old navy near me

Old Navy has 5 flagship stores. This is the San Francisco location.

Old Navy History

Sometimes it is the competition that brings out the best in people and companies. Old Navy was a store created by such a competition. Old Navy is a division of the Gap Inc. corporation, a company founded in the 1960s to offer clothing, initially at low prices, and later as a slightly higher end clothing brand. In the 1990s, Target decided that it wanted to take away some of the customers that tended to shop at the Gap by creating a division that was branded as the less expensive Gap. The Gap of course did not like this competition and retaliated by creating Gap Warehouse in 1993.

Gap Warehouse was initially not a separate entity, but a creation within the existing retail space that Gap stores had. So, wherever you had a Gap Store, you started to have Gap Warehouse locations created within them. This allowed the brand to spread quickly. In 1994 Gap Warehouse was renamed to Old Navy and the first two independent locations were created in California. These locations slowly started to grow and expand, changing previously created Gap Warehouse locations into Old Navy locations.
In the end, Old Navy managed to spread to over 1100 locations and can be found in pretty much every major American city. So, if you search Old Navy Near Me, you are bound to find one near you.

Today, Old Navy brings in an annual revenue of more than $6 billion, which is more than Gap’s actual Gap brand and their Banana Republic, combined. To say the least, it has grown into an impressively large and successful company.

Old Navy Near Me – Old Navy Facts

Old Navy Trivia and Fun Facts

Curious about some things about the Old Navy brand or company. Well, here are some interesting things that might give you a laugh or intrigue you about the clothing seller.

Where did the name Old Navy come from?

While you may think that the name comes from a connection to the Naval branch of the military, the name doesn’t. The name for Old Navy actually comes from a café/bar in Paris, France. The Old Navy Café is located on boulevard Saint Germain and offers a wide selection of food and drink items. The wine and cheese platter comes highly recommended. So, next time you are in Paris, you may want to check it out.

What happened to Magic the Dog?

If you were watching television in the mid 1990s, you are likely to have seen at least one commercial for Old Navy. In 1995, when Old Navy was only 2 years old, the company hired Magic the Dog as their company mascot. The Airdale-Tarrier mix was 9 years old at the time. After his debut, he went on to make 60 different commercials for Old Navy, over the span of 11 years; however, in 2006 the company officially retired the 20 year old dog. According to Old Navy’s official release, Magic was living a very comfortable life in retirement. After an exhaustive search, the company selected a new dog to act as their mascot, Paco.

What are the Old Navy Flagship Stores?

If you happen to live in one of the following cities, you may want to hunt down an Old Navy Flagship Store when you search Old Navy Near Me: New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago or near the Mall of America. You see, the flagship stores are unlike any of the other outlet locations. They have several key differences.

For starters, they are larger than your regular outlet stores. The regular outlet locations are about 15,000 square feet. The flagship store in New York City is a shared space with a Gap location in a 160,000 square foot store. In these stores you can find special items, such as business clothing for women and maternity clothing selections

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