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Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but without proper care, that window can become quite foggy! Opthamologists can help you to keep your eyes healthy, correct vision issues, and even perform lasik eye surgeries. Once you find a great Opthamologist, you can rest assured that your eyes will always stay healthy and bright.

Are you interested in finding an opthamologist near you? Simply browse opthamologist near me on the map below and find a list of eye doctors in your region! Need a bit more information on opthamologists and the human eye? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You might just see your eyes in a whole new light!

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What is the most common eye color in the world?

Depending on the region of the world you live in, you might notice that some eye colors are more common than others. In Nordic countries, you may see a higher number of individuals with light gray or blue eyes due to genetic factors. Sure, eye colors can differ greatly depending on genetics, but have you ever wondered which is the most common eye color in the world? Consider this as you search opthamologist near me. According to statistics, the most common eye color in the world is brown! In fact, brown eyes can be found on 55% of the world’s population. Thus making it the most popular eye color in the world. Of course, eye color is determined by genetics because they dictate just how much melanin is produced within your iris. If you have brown eyes you’re certainly not alone!

opthamologist near me

An eye doctor can help you to correct your vision and stay healthy!

When did the human eye first evolve?

Have you ever wondered exactly when the human eye first evolved? As you search opthamologist near me, think about when, how, and why the human eye first evolved. According to scientists, the eye first evolved some 500 million years ago. Originally eyes were likely in a very simple form and the evolution likely occurred due to the necessity of distinguishing light from dark. Since that evolution occurred, the human eye operates just like a camera. In the same way that a camera lens can focus light onto photosensitive surfaces, your eyes focus light onto the retina.

Are some people born with mismatched eye colors?

If you’re familiar with dog breeds such as the Husky or the Malumite, you’ve likely seen a canine or two with mismatched eye colors. In instances such as this, the dog will likely have one brown eye and one blue. Can people also be born with mismatched eye colors? Absolutely! Many people are born with mismatched eye colors due to a condition known as heterochromia. This is a result of a relative lack or excess of pigment in one eye. More often than not, the condition is inherited, but in some instances heterochromia can occur due to disease or injury. As you search opthamologist near me, consider if you or someone you know might have this condition!

Opthamologist Near Me – Opthamologist Facts

20/20 Vision

Anyone searching opthamologist near me has likely taken an eye test at some point in their lives. The goal is always to have 20/20 vision, but what does this actually imply? While 20/20 vision might seem like a remarkable rarity, it isn’t as special or unique as you might think. An opthamologist will typically state that you have 20/20 vision if you simply have normal eyesight. Contrary to popular belief, having 20/20 vision simply means that you can read a chart from 20 feet away in normal lighting conditions.

The Role of the Cornea

As you search opthamologist near me, you’ll encounter a lot of information on the human eye and what certain parts of the eye do. Have you ever wondered what role the cornea plays in overall eye health? Well, the cornea is simply a transparent covering of the iris and the pupil. The cornea serves to protect your eyes from dirt and germs, as well as blocking some of the sun’s most harmful UV rays. If your cornea happens to become damaged, you will definitely experience distorted vision. This is because the light that enters your eye is being interfered with.

It’s All In The Eyes

If you want to read someone’s mood or get an accurate gauge for how they’re feeling, you might want to look into the eyes. They’re not called the window to the soul for nothing! As you search opthamologist near me, consider what’s really behind some people’s eyes! If you notice someone has very wide pupils, they might just be excited. According to researchers, any time a positive thought enters the brain it can actually serve to dilate your pupils. For example, you see your crush, your pet, or simply someone you’re attracted to, your pupils can expand by 45%. Of course dilated pupils don’t always denote excitement, sometimes the pupils can dilate if you experience fear. What about if someone fails to make eye contact, does this automatically make them a liar? There’s a common misconception that people who fail to make eye contact might be fibbing. In reality, a well practised liar will actually try to overcompensate in an attempt to prove that they are telling the truth. This means that many liars will often make too much eye contact and hold a gaze for a longer period of time.

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  1. Sherri says:

    I’m looking for an Neuro ophthalmologist near me. I live in Porterville calif

  2. J ames L Sesay says:

    i am blind and i want an OPERATION

  3. Carolyn says:

    When the Dr looked at my left eye he notice scarring, ripple on my cornea. He said I did not need surgery because my vision was 20/20. I thought that when you have cateracts, you have cateracts? Can you exsplain this for me.

  4. Carolyn says:

    My eye doctor who I see once a year said I have cateracts in both eyes. A Doctor from Mayo Clinic came in and said yes u do but you have dry eyes and said to take Restasis for 1 month and come back to see me. Went back 1 month later and said my left eye was worse continue with drops. 2 weeks later went to my appointment and he said I have 20/20 Vision and I don’t need surgery. Now both Doctors are going to run tests again. Since I had a bad accident and this week the stop light a head I saw a red light and no color yellow or green. Nothing Lost to what’s happening!?!