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There are few things more important than eye health, which means regular visitors to an optometrist are always recommended. Optometrists can prescribe glasses, contacts, and help identify any potential eye issues or ailments.

Are you interested in finding an optometrist in your area? Simply browse optometrist near me on the map below and find a list of qualified optometrists located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on optometrists? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on optometrists.

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When did optometry originate?

Optometry may seem like a fairly recent invention, but this practice traces its roots back roughly 2000 years to the Greeks. In historical texts, Aristophanes writes of using a glass to magnify the sun’s rays in order to erase writing on wax tablets. At about this same time, ancient Chinese civilizations began using spectacles over the eyes. Early Chinese spectacles weren’t used for vision correction. It was thought that spectacles could ward off evil spirits and keep a person spiritually healthy. Around 1,000 years ago, glass spheres were implemented to magnify text as an early form of corrective vision by the Venetians. In China, researchers began to study the effects of proper spectacles on vision improvement and eye health. Famous Venetian Marco Polo even describes wearing a pair of glasses during his travels to the East in the 1260s. The true foundation of optometry came in 1263, when Roger Bacon first prescribed lenses to those with weak vision. In his Opus Majus, Bacon writes, “If anyone examines letters or other minute objects through the medium of crystal or glass or other transparent substance…he will see the letters far better and they will seem larger to him.” By the year 1300, the Europeans were making spectacles and enjoying the benefits of good vision. Consider these facts as you search optometrist near me.

optometrist near me

Regular eye checks can be a surefire way to guarantee good health.

When did optometrists first experiment with contact lenses?

For individuals who aren’t a fan of traditional glasses, the advent of contact lenses was a game changer. But when did contact lenses first emerge in the field of optometry? The answer may surprise you. Consider these facts while searching optometrist near me. According to historical texts, optometrists first began experimenting with contact lenses in 1888, this is also when the first successful use of corrective vision contact lenses was documented. Later that year the Handbook for Opticians by William Bohne became the first ever textbook written by an optometrist for optometrists. The book was officially published and put to use by fledgling and experienced optometrists all over Europe and the United States. Nowadays, more contact lenses are prescribed than glasses, with many taking preference to the ease and look of contact lenses. Not only are contact lenses used for corrective vision, there are also lenses without corrective benefits that can enhance or even change your eye color.

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A Regulated Profession

Though optometry has persisted for thousands of years, it didn’t become a regulated profession until 1921. This is when the United States began to recognize the optometry field in an effort to put in place regulations and protect those in the profession. They also put forth measures to protect patients as well, something that proved helpful to all those involved in the field. The regulations also solidified the field of optometry in the medical community. From the mid 1950s up until the present day, optometrists have worked tirelessly to develop new technology and improve approaches to examining the eye and correcting vision. From soft contact lenses to laser surgery, great strides have been made to help those with poor vision lead quality lives and improve their sight. As you search optometrist near me, consider just how rigorous modern optometry schooling and regulations actually are in the modern age.

Optometry Statistics

If your vision is failing or less than perfect, being given the gift of good sight is a true joy. This is why optometry is only gaining ground in the medical community as a top profession. On average, a thriving optometry firm sees around 67 patients per week. Of that number optometrists are tasked with performing around 52 refractions. A refraction test is simply given as a part of every routine eye exam. Often called a vision test, this method tells the doctor precisely which prescription an individual needs in their glasses or contact lenses. This group of healthcare professionals also writes almost 24 prescriptions per week to help patients cope with various ailments. That’s much lower than other professionals in the medical community. The average optometrist spends around 22 years in practice. OF this number 3 in 4 optometrists are self employed rather than working for a larger chain or box store. Almost half of all those practicing in the optometry field are a part of a solo practice, with a majority occupying freestanding buildings. Want to know the most commonly prescribed item by optometrists? If you’re thinking glasses or contact lenses you’re a bit off. According to statistics, optometrists prescribe artificial tears more than any other item. Why are you searching optometrist near me?

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