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O’Reilly Auto Parts is an American auto parts chain store company. The company is currently publicly traded, with the symbol ORLY on the NASDAQ. When it was founded nearly sixty years ago , O’Reilly Auto Parts was a simple family business. The business has since expanded to become a multi-billion dollar company, with over four thousand stores in nearly every state in America.

Today the company employs many thousands of staff members, and owns billions of dollars of assets. The company remains in the O’Reilly family, with David O’Reilly being the current chairman of the board. To find your closest O’Reilly Auto Parts store, simply search for O’Reilly Auto Parts near me!

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O’Reilly Auto Parts Near Me – O’Reilly Auto Parts Trivia

How did O’Reilly Auto Parts stores begin?

In 1849, Michael Byrne O’Reilly immigrated to America to escape the potato famine in Ireland. His son, Charles Francis, became a travelling salesman for the Fred Campbell Auto Supply company in St Louis, Missouri, in 1914. By 1924, Charles was very familiar with the Springfield, Missouri, area, and saw that there was an opportunity for auto parts there. By 1932, Charles had become the manager of the Link Motor Supply company in Springfield. His son Charles H. (Chub) O’Reilly also joined the company. Together, the O’Reillys led Link to become the largest auto parts store in the area. In 1957, Link planned to have Charles, who was 72, retire, and have Chub transfer to Kansas City, Missouri. Neither of the men agreed to these plans, and so they decided to leave Link and start their own company. On December 2, 1957, they opened the first O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Springfield. The original employees, many of whom were stockholders too, worked very hard and the business managed to turn a sizeable profit in its very first year. In 1958, the sales totalled $700 thousand. By 1961, it had grown to $1.3 million, and by 1975 sales reached $7 million. A new 52 thousand square foot warehouse was built for O’Reilly. At this time, the company had nine stores in total, all of which were located in Missouri.

o'reilly auto parts near me

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the largest auto-parts chains in America, with over four thousand locations!

How large is O’Reilly Auto Parts today?

In 1993, O’Reilly began trading on NASDAQ with the symbol ORLY. The company continues to offer stock options to its employees today. In 1998, O’Reilly merged with Hi/LO Auto Supply, which gave O’Reilly an extra 182 stores and a distribution center in Houston, Texas. This acquisition made O’Reilly one of the top ten auto parts chains in America. Following additional acquisitions, including CSK Auto in 2008, made O’Reilly the third-largest auto parts chain in the country, beaten only by Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone. Today the company has 4,660 locations across America. It operates with a revenue of about $8 billion, and a net income of around $900 million each year. Its total assets are worth $6.67 billion.

What does O’Reilly Auto Parts sell?

O’Reilly sells products to both customers and auto professionals. Its range includes car batteries and chargers, fasteners and other hardware. O’Reilly sells motor oil, fluids and other chemicals and windscreen wipers. Also sold are tires and wheels. Customers can also buy tools and equipment to work on their cars. These include electronic car diagnostic equipment, jacks and lifting equipment, safety equipment such as eye goggles and earmuffs, toolboxes and chests.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts Near Me – O’Reilly Auto Parts Facts

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If you want to find an O’Reilly Auto Parts store close to your area, just search for “O’Reilly Auto Parts near me”.

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