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Looking for auto parts but don’t want to break the bank? Oreillys is the place for you! Oreilly Automotive is known for selling a massive variety of both new and remanufactured auto parts, accessories, equipment, and supplies to both DIY customers and professional car mechanics. With expert staff members and those knowledgeable on a variety of car parts, a portion of every Oreilly business consists of selling parts wholesale to independent auto parts stores and local mechanics. Though primarily located in the MIdwest and South, Oreilly’s is looking to expand into as many markets as possible.

Are you interested in finding an Oreillys near you? Simply browse Oreillys near me on the map below and find a list of Oreilly’s auto parts stores in your area. Need a bit more information on this iconic parts brand? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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When was Oreillys first founded?

Every iconic brand has a simple origin story. An idea that soon developed into success for generations to come. Oreilly Automotive was first founded by the unique descendants of an Irishman named Michael Byrne O’ Reilly. Michael had left Ireland in 1849, fleeing from a the harrowing potato famine that had marred much of the country. He moved to St. Louis, earned a law degree and took on a job as a title examiner. What does this have to do with auto parts? Keep reading as you search Oreillys near me. Michael’s son was the first member of the family to first find work in the auto parts industry. With keen interest in cars and their mechanics, Charles Francis O’Reilly took on a job as a traveling salesman for the Fred Campbell Auto Supply company in 1914. By 1927, Charles was met with much success and asked to be transferred to Springfield, Missouri to explore new opportunities. By the time the Great Depression rolled around, Charles was working as a manager of the Link Motor Supply Company. His own son Chub, worked for two years underneath him. With experience as a salesman, Chub O’Reilly saw opportunity in striking out and forming a business. This lead both father and son to break away from Link Automotive to form their own company. The duo founded OReilly Automotive in 1957, with just 12 employees.

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What was Oreilly’s biggest challenge?

If you’re searching Oreillys near me, then you know that every fledgling businesses can face its fair share of challenges while on the road to success. What was Oreilly’s biggest challenge? Persuading major auto parts companies to sell them parts to resell to the general public. This was particularly difficult for OReillys because Link Motor Supply tried to stop the manufacturers from selling to Oreilly out of spite. Despite this, Oreilly was determined to gain good standing with the manufacturers and eventually made enough connections to gain their cooperation and respect. Early its history, Oreilly was able to sell big time products such as A.C. Delco batteries and other brand name products.

Oreillys Near Me – Oreillys Facts

Safety First

Every driver wants to stay safe and do what they can to prevent an accident, but one industry revelation truly turned car safety upside down. As you search Oreillys near me, consider what 1970s innovations lead to fewer accident fatalities and a greater degree of safety in every car being manufactured in the United States. In the 1970s, plastics became more readily available and drivers were yearning for lighter, more fuel efficient cars. Plastics allowed these manufacturers to produce great scars with the mandatory introduction of amenities such as safety windshields, head restraints, seat belts and torque boxes. Not only did these things mean that vehicles were safer, but it meant having your car repaired was a bit cheaper. Not only were plastics more easy to repair, but the parts and features in cars were becoming standard across every brand. This lead to standardization in the markets and lower cost parts. Not only did most mechanics know how to fix any type of car, but customers weren’t faced with massive mechanic bills for what would turn out to be a relatively simple fix.

Who invented the windshield wiper?

One of the most commonly purchased items at an auto parts store is a new pair of windshield wipers. Have you ever wondered who first invented the windshield wiper? Just where did they get the idea? Consider these fun facts as you search Oreillys near me. According to historians, a woman by the name of Mary Anderson was visiting New York City when she first noticed that a streetcar driver was forced to keep his window open during rain and sleet storms in order to manually clean his windshield off with a squeegee. Not only was this impractical, but it was highly distracting to the driver. Mary saw potential in a mechanism that would clean off your windshield for you. She quickly took her idea to the patent office and attempted to sell her invention. At first, companies wouldn’t even consider Mary’s idea, deeming it necessary. They didn’t see the value in commercially manufacturing a windshield wiper. It wasn’t until Mary’s patent ran out in 1920 that windshield wipers became a standard feature on new cars. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine driving in a rain or snow storm without the aid of an automatic windshield wiper. Could you imagine cleaning your own windshield while driving? Thanks to Mary Anderson, you’ll never have to.

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