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Other than a home, your automobile is likely your most precious investment. Protecting that investment means dedicating both time and money into keeping your car running smoothly and looking great. Luckily, Oriley auto parts exist to help you find the correct parts, tools, supplies, equipment, and accessories necessary to do just that.

Are you interested in finding an Oriley auto parts store near you? You’ve come to the right place, simply browse Orileys near me on the map below and find a list of Orileys locations located within a close proximity to you. Interested in learning more about this brand? Read on for interesting facts and trivia questions to expand your Orileys horizons!

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Where did Orileys first begin?

Like any business, Oriley began as a simple want to fill a common need. America was rife with car culture in the 1950s. Unfortunately, there weren’t many stores dedicated to helping the common working man to keep his car in tip top shape. Oriley first began in Springfield, Missouri in December of 1957. Though the store officially opened in the late 1950s, the historical background of this automotive store as well as the family’s quest for advancement, can easily be traced back to the mid 1800s. This is when Michael Byrne O’Reilly first immigrated to America. O’Reilly was looking to escape the harsh conditions of the potato famine in Ireland, which plagued the country in 1845-1846. O’Reilly settled in St. Louis, where he dedicated himself to earning a law degree and eventually pursuing a career as a title examiner. His son, Charles Francis O’Reilly, was lucky enough to attend college in St. Louis. Eventually found work in 1914 as a traveling salesman for the Fred Campbell Auto Supply store. By 1924, Charles was more than familiar with the Springfield, Missouri area, having traveled by train to sell auto parts on several occasions. Instead of viewing the region as what it was, Charles saw Springfield as an area growth and opportunity. He quickly requested that he be transferred to Springfield full time, where he soon put down roots. Charles quickly advanced to become the manager of Link Motor Supply in Springfield. At this time, his son Chub O’Reilly also got in on the company. Their influence and involvement in the auto parts industry proved successful, and in 1957 they opened O’Reilly auto parts with just 13 employees. As you search Orileys near me, consider how a few simple acts of fate and some hard work lead to the establishment of this mega auto parts company.

orileys near me

Orileys offers every car part and accessory that you could possibly need!

What was Orileys greatest initial challenge?

Every business faces a unique set of challenges in its infancy, but Oriley faced on of true greatness. When the business first began operations, Oriley had a difficult time persuading major auto parts companies to sell them parts. Given that this was integral to owning an auto parts store, it proved to be a pretty big predicament. Link Motor Supply Company even tried to block the manufacturers from selling to Oriley, but the founds gained the cooperation they needed from the relationships they had built over the years as salesmen. This allowed for Oriley to sell A.C. Delco batteries and other brand name products that other supply stores couldn’t get their hands on. In 1957, Oriley sold almost all of its items wholesale to various garages and employed mechanics. Eventually, the sold more and more parts to individuals and saw the potential in focusing on the DIY auto repair market. As you search Orileys near me, think about just how easy it is to find an auto parts store or a specific part in the modern age. Would you have fared as well in the 1950s? Odds are getting that part or accessory would have been far more difficult!

Orileys Near Me – Orileys Facts

How many pieces go into a car?

One thing you may be surprised to learn while searching Orileys near me is just how many auto parts exist in the average car. You may think there are a few thousand, but did you know there are more than 30,000 auto parts in an average car. That’s a lot of little puzzle pieces being put together in a perfect manner, just to allow your car to run. This number does include every screw, bolt, and washer that helps to hold everything into place. Though 30,000 is the average, some cars do require less parts and others require more parts. Modern cars often require more parts than their vintage counterparts due to the technological elements that are now found in every car. Fifty years ago, there was no need for a navigation screen or bluetooth or any of the computer elements there are today. In fact, the car radio itself was initially banned by several states because it was deemed a dangerous distraction that would inevitably lead to accidents. Cruise control was also a bit controversial. The individual who invented cruise control, also known as speed control, was actually blind. This is why he need a system that automatically controlled the speed of the vehicle. Some thought this to be a good idea, while others were a bit spooked by the very notion. Of course, now we’re on the cusp of having self driving cars!

That New Car Smell

Perhaps you’re one of the few individuals searching Orileys near me in hopes of getting your hands on some car cleaning products or air fresheners. After all, car cleaning products amount to a huge number of sales at all auto parts store. If it’s that new car smell you’re looking to reproduce…good luck! According to industry insiders, that new car smell is composed of over 50 volatile organic compounds. This means that replicating that same smell on your own terms is likely going to be a bit impossible. Luckily, some car care companies have begun to package the smell into air fresheners, sprays, and cleaning products to help you bring that new car smell to your old reliable vehicle.

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