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Part of being a responsible gun owner is getting some valuable time out on the range. Not only does range time allow you to become familiar with your gun, but it allows for a great degree of accuracy when shooting for hunting or sport. Unlike indoor ranges, outdoor ranges are more relaxed and allow for a more leisurely pace. Many of them are often more cost effective than their indoor counterparts and offer shorter wait times for a lane.

Ready to find an outdoor shooting range near you? Simply browse outdoor shooting range near me on the map below and find a list of highly rated outdoor ranges in your local area. Need a bit more information on using an outdoor range? How about some tips on getting the most out of your range trip? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and more as you find an outdoor shooting range.

Outdoor Shooting Range Near Me – Find it on the Map

Outdoor Shooting Range Near Me – Outdoor Shooting Range Trivia

How long is the average gun range?

Going to a shooting range is a great way to improve your overall accuracy with a gun, especially at a distance. Yet, not every shooting range offers the distance many avid shooters require. Just how long is the average gun range? Keep this in mind as you search outdoor shooting range near me. Generally speaking, shooting range distances are anywhere from 5 yards to 33 yards. Almost every range has a minimum shooter-to-target distance which is set by the range master and is determined by safety standards. More often than not, an outdoor shooting range will offer longer distances than indoor ranges due to limitations with space inside.

outdoor shooting range near me

An outdoor shooting range is a great way to practice your shot in a practical way.

True or false: A new shooter should fire off at least 300 rounds at the range.

Say you’re new to shooting for sport. Odds are, you want to do whatever it takes to improve your accuracy and become a good shot. But just how many rounds does a new shooter need to fire off to in order to become well suited to their firearm? Well, the answer may not be as obvious as you think. In fact, there is no real answer. As you search outdoor shooting range near me, keep these statistics in mind. For quite some time, the rule of thumb was for new shooters to fire off 300 rounds in order to become comfortable with a gun. Experts agree this is ill advised. Rather than focusing on the number of rounds fired, focus instead on getting comfortable with the gun and perfecting your grip. If it takes you 300 rounds to feel at ease, then it takes 300 rounds. Not everyone will have the same experience. Some are comfortable after 100 rounds, others can go through more than 300 rounds and still feel a bit inept. Being a new shooter means taking your time between each shot and getting to know your limitations. Go with your gut at the range and leave the numbers to the internet.

True or false: Every gun range will run a background check.

While background checks are an absolutely necessary provision to keep firearms from getting into the wrong hands, many find them rather cumbersome if they just want to spend a day at the range. With that said, gun ranges do not run background checks for simply using your own gun or renting a gun at the range. However, you will be subject to a background check if you choose to purchase a gun. There is no law in place to check for criminal history for simply renting a gun. While you search outdoor shooting range near me, keep this in mind and know what you’re in for.

Outdoor Shooting Range Near Me – Outdoor Shooting Range Facts

Types of Outdoor Ranges

As you continue your quest to find an outdoor shooting range near me, you’ll find two basic types of outdoor ranges: public ranges and private ranges. A public range is just as the name implies “open to the public and on public land.” You’re allowed to shoot within the confines of a public range, but there are few other rules in place. Mostly, people are left to use their own sense of ethics to decide right from wrong. There are not typically fancy benches or pavilions, but target stands may exist. Sometimes, you may even want to bring your own. Private outdoor ranges are privately owned and therefore not open to anyone and everyone. You will also have to pay to use the range and will be subject to range rules and the judgement of a range master. Some people feel more comfortable going to private ranges because of the presence of a range master to keep other shooters and novice shooters in line. Others prefer the freedom that a public range can bring and the opportunity to practice a more practical type of shooting. At the end of the day, the type of outdoor range you choose to frequent is up to you. Just keep in mind that public ranges are often better suited to rifles or long range guns, where as private ranges are better suited to a wider variety of firearms.

Indoor vs. Outdoor for New Shooters

If you’re a novice shooter or simply getting into the hobby, you might be wondering which range type is better for getting your feet wet. Well, even though you’re searching outdoor range near me, you may want to consider stopping by an indoor range first. Here’s the thing- an indoor range offers you the opportunity to work on the foundations of shooting. You can become familiar with fundamentals and mechanics at an indoor range and get direct feedback on how well you’re shooting. Hitting a paper target also allows you to see where your groupings are and make adjustments accordingly. As you first start shooting, it will take a good deal of time to get your grip right and learn about your personal ticks. For example, many people flinch when using a pistol. This an affect your overall accuracy and ability to hit a static target. Once you’ve laid a good foundation, then you can head to the outdoor range to focus on drawing from a holster and moving around while shooting. Shooting outdoors can be a hit/miss response. You hit the target or you don’t and there’s no one to provide feedback or help you improve. If you’re starting out, book a lane at an indoor range first and then move on once you’re comfortable with your skillset.

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