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Sometimes when you want to peruse quite a few different shops, you’ll stop by an outlet mall and see what they have to offer. Outlet malls are usually places where the manufacturers decides to sell their stock directly to the public. You can find quite a few good deals when you head to these outlet malls.

If you’re interested in heading to one of these stores to see what type of deals you can scope out or just to experience it, just search Outlet Mall near me to find the closest one to you.

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Outlet Mall Near Me – Outlet Mall Trivia

When did the first outlet mall appear?

The first outlet malls actually appeared in the United States in the east around the 1930s. It began when factory stores started to offer damaged or excess goods to their employees at a relatively low price. After some time of just offering them to employees, the audience began to expand to non-employees as well. Around 1936, a men’s clothing brand known as Anderson-Little, opened up an outlet mall that was independent on its existing factories. The main purpose of these outlet malls was to dispose of excess or damaged goods.

outlet mall near me

You can find a multitude of things in an outlet store

When did outlet malls experience strong growth?

Outlet stores started becoming quite popular but they hadn’t really taken off the ground just yet. In 1974, Vanity Fair opened up the first multi-store outlet center in Reading, Pennsylvania and they took off from there. Outlet stores really seen a popular growth during the 1980s and 1990s. The number of malls increased from 113 in 1988 to 276 in 1991 to 325 in 1997 and 472 in 2013. In 2003, outlet malls generated about $15 billion in revenue from 260 stores nationwide.

What is the average outlet mall size?

The average outlet mall is opened up with between 100,000 to 200,000 square feet of retail space but this number can gradually increase up to 500,000 to 600,000 feet. The average outlet mall though as about 216,000 feet. If you’re interested in seeing the size of your local outlet mall, just search Outlet mall near me to see your closest location.

Are Outlet malls only in America?

You may be surprised to learn but outlet malls are not exclusive to America. The retailer BAA McArthurGlen has opened up 13 malls with over 1.200 stores and 3 million square feet in Europe. Outlet malls have also been emerging all around Japan since the the mid to late 1990s.

Who are major players for outlet malls?

Some major players owning and operating outlet malls are names such as Simon Property Group, Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, McArthurGlen, and Craig Realty Group and they own 154 of the industry’s 200 properties combined.

Outlet Mall Near Me – Outlet Mall Facts

You may actually not know it but there is a difference between factory outlets and outlet stores. At a factory outlet, the products are sold from only one brand only. It gives the manufacturers the chance to sell only their products at a reduced price. They are usually the people who run the factory outlets. The people that run outlet stores are retailers and various brands of merchandise are sold there. Factory outlets have actually been around a lot longer than outlet stores and they use to be typically built next to the factories where the product was manufactured.

You may have been able to guess this but research shows that the majority of outlet mall shoppers tends to be primarily woman. The median household income was about $57,000 in 2002 and forty-two percent were college graduates and sixty-two percent are less than 50 years old. It also shows that the average shopper spends over two hours at the outlet mall which is about sixty percent larger than at regional malls. People will actually travel quite the distance as well to reach these outlet malls. The average distance seems to vary but it’s generally reported that it’s a range of 30-80 miles one way. As a result of this, outlet malls, while not focused on high-income clientele, tends to draw people from well above the poverty line.

As it was stated before, outlet malls don’t just offer one thinks like outlet factories. Outlet malls actually include a wide variety of products from you to choose from. They offer a mix of manufacturer outlet stores, outlets of department stores and some non-outlet service locations. The merchandise offered in these outlet malls may be current season, delayed until late season or even delayed until the next year. Outlet malls though have broadened the market for designer apparel. If you’re curious in checking out an outlet mall close to you, just search Outlet mall near me.

Today there are approximately fifty-one outlet mall landlords operating properties and that’s where outlet stores account for at least 50% of the tenants and about eleven of these landlords own more than one property.

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