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Originally developed as an outdoor only sport, today paintball is played in both indoor and outdoor fields. The game can be played with any number of people, but paintball is generally the most fun when some friendly competition is involved. Typically, paintball works best with at least 2 teams of around 5-12 people.

Are you interested in finding paintball near me? Simply browse paintball near me on the map below and find a list of paintball fields near your exact location. Need more information on paintball. Read on for facts, trivia, and information on paintball!

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Did one person invent paintball?

If you’re searching paintball near me, you’re likely pretty interested in the history of this fun recreational activity. Paintball is a relatively new sport that has come into high demand since its early inception nearly 30 years ago. The core idea behind paintball is to recreate the excitement of outdoor hunting and the idea of the survival of the fittest. Friends, Bob Gurnsey, Bob Jones, and Charles gain created the came when they were eager to recreate the feeling and adrenaline rush that often accompanies being an outdoor survivalist. These friends wanted to invent a method of stalking and hunting human prey, without any actual blood shed, prison, or moral conundrums. After Bob Jones highlighted the concept of paintball in Sports Illustrated, interest increased exponentially and Gurnsey founded the new sport called The National Survival Game. He then contracted the Nelson Paint Company to become the exclusive distributor of its guns and paintball equipment. Of course, it wasn’t long before rival manufacturers evolved and paintball grew rapidly in the 1990s. With the development of paintball pellets, the sport exploded.

paintball near me

Paintball is a fun and exciting way to implement team building, get exercise, and simply have a good time!

When were paintballs invented?

The Nelson Paint Company was founded by Charles and Evan Nelson in 1940. The duo sought to patent a number of spray paint devices, all of which were originally designed for agricultural use. Charles Nelson is credited with inventing the paint balls, encapsulated by a gelatin coating, the balls were then injected with paint. The idea what these paint balls could be fired from a specific gun, distributed by nelson. The capsules were invented to be strong enough not to break until impact. Both national forest park rangers and cattle farmers used the spray paint equipment often. The Nelson Paint company provided the paint capsules in 1960 under a contract with the US Forest Services. They were intended to precisely mark forestry tress in long distances. AT that time there were no specific paintball guns developed until 1972, when Daisy, the biggest producer of air guns, sealed an agreement with the Nelson Paint Company to produce “The Splotch-maker.”

Paintball Near Me – Paintball Facts

How the game is played

If you’re searching paintball near me, you better have a firm understanding of how the game is played prior to stepping foot on the field! Read on for how this fun game is actually played. In paintball, everyone starts with a protective mask to protect the eyes, faces, and ears from any damage. Players use markers and shoot balls that are made with a gelatin coating, that break on impact, leaving only the paint stain behind. The paint used is completely biodegradable, non toxic, and usually washable. Thus, with protective gear, there is really no need to worry about any potential danger. There are different types of games- many of which can be invented on the fly. Here is a list of the most common types of paintball games:

1. Central flag: attempt to capture the flag before the other team

2. Two banners. You must go about capturing the opposing team’s flag.

3. Speedball: This is practiced with center flag or two flags in a field

4. Hyperball: This is practiced with center flag or two flags and lots of obstacles, this is typically don more regularly in tournament arenas.

5. Super Air Ball: This is practiced with many obstacles including an inflatable center flag or two flags. This is usually the standard for competition.

6. Elimination: In this game, your opponent and the last man standing wins.

Professional Paintball League

If you’re searching paintball near me and hoping to someday get involved in a league, you’re in luck! The first professional paintball league was actually established in 1992. Currently there are several leagues including the National Professional Paintball League, the Paintball Sports Promotions, and the United States Paintball league. Each league offers players the opportunity to compete and win thousands of dollars in prize money. You can enjoy playing the game with some friends and letting off some steam or you can level up and join a local league and compete for the ultimate prize! Bragging rights (and money to)!

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