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Do you love Chinese food? Maybe your looking for a meal that’s quick and tasty? Panda Express is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner! Whether your in the mood for drive through service or sitting down in a restaurant, panda express provides all of your favorite take out meals and some pretty unique and new recipes as well.

Panda express is a big company, but a humble one, promoting wellness and self empowerment in their employees, and providing customers with traditional Chinese American meals with a twist. To find a Panda express, just look up Panda Express near me.

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Chinese food is incredibly diverse and has styles that come from all different regions. Panda Express is considered Chinese American, considering the delicacies of traditional China may be a bit too unusual to the American palate. If you’re a culinary buff or love foods that are new, you could try Anhui cuisine, which has interesting picks from steamed frog or Li Hongzhang Chop suey, which sometimes has sea cucumber in it.

panda express near me

A Panda Express location in a mall.

Did you know?

Wheat that was grown in 2000 BC was not used to make breads or porridges like in European countries. Many soups with noodles were staple dishes using this grain.

Along with rice and noodles, soups in general are known to be major dishes in many regions of China. If you like Chicken soup, it’s not entirely different from the chicken soup you grew up with. Hot and sour soup is big in Chinese American restaurants, but in China they use Pork’s blood as the salty element. Turtle soup is considered a delicacy, and though it is not often commonly found in the US, you may be able to find in some sates in the South.

If you’re familiar with the Durian fruit of Thailand, the internally sweet but spikey looking fruit, you know that it has a foul odor that is very nauseating to some. Stinky Tofu is a Chinese food item that is also horribly smelly, but is enjoyed by many natives. The fermentation of the tofu for many months contribute to the smell, and it is not offered in restaurants during the daytime.

Coffee houses are a pretty popular place to hang out in the US and Europe, but Tea houses are the equivalent in China. Rising to popularity during the Song dynasty, Tea house have become a rich and cultural piece of history where patrons would enjoy teas and small meals and sometimes there would even be entertainment and shows for the patrons to enjoy. Tea is a cultural drink that is usually enjoyed with many meals and desserts. In the mood for General Tso’s chicken and a tea beverage? Panda Express offers an impressive tea bar, with milk tea and hot teas as well. Want to check it out? Go to Panda Express near me!

Panda Express Near Me – Panda Express Facts

Andrew and Peggy Cherng were typical college sweethearts. They met getting masters degrees and ended up opening a restaurant instead of using their degrees for their major. The Panda express opened up in 1983 at the Glendale mall, and it was wildly successful. Peggy used her computer skills to set up the restaurant through an ordering system, and this was one of the first restaurants to use this system! They are definitely one of the most advanced restaurants in technology.

The huge seller at Panda Express is the Orange chicken. It originally came out in 1987, and is even a salad option now. Just ten years later Panda Express opened their first drive thru in California. You can find their delicious food in many different locations including airports, theme parks, and even military bases. Looking for some orange chicken? Why not search for a Panda Express near me?

In 1999, Panda Express started their charity organization, Panda cares. Panda Cares works with a lot of organizations including disaster relief efforts and children’s programs. They work with The Children’s Miracle Network, American Red Cross, World Vision, and more.

In 2001, Panda Express opened up in Six Flags in Valencia, California. People get to eat tasty Chinese food right after they ride the rides. You should probably skip a meal before a roller coaster though.

The panda kids meal is the perfect little entrée for little tummies. Your kids can have rice or noodles, and they even get a beverage and a cookie with the meal!

2009 was the year of the health conscious panda. The option to have a healthy balanced meal with less calories, around 300 or less, is available. Kung Pao chicken is an option, as well as mushroom chicken, broccoli beef, and many appetizers as well are under the 300 calorie or less wok smart meals. Stop in and try some today!

Panda Express has made it’s way into a global business. They currently have locations in Dubai, Guam, Canada, South Korea, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Their Mexico location was the first one to open outside of the US.

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