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Ready for a nice and healthy light lunch? Well, Panera Bread is a great place to start. This bakery-café has a lot to offer and has locations all around America and Canada. So, just take a look at Panera Bread Near You Map and you will be able to track down the nearest Panera Bread. Simply click on the location and you will find the address, phone number and hours of operation.

If you are interested, it will also have any reviews from previous customers who can tell you about their experiences and recommendations. You can also get directions with just a few clicks, so you will be eating your delicious meal in a zip.

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Locations and Hours of Operation

Panera Bread locations can be found in over 40 states and Canada. So, while you might not be able to find one everywhere, there is a good chance that you will find a nearby location when using Panera Bread Near Me. Generally, the hours of operation for Panera Bread locations is 7am until 9pm, though the hours may vary depending upon the location.

panera bread near me

Panara Bread locations have a nice bright and open design and a very distinctive logo.

A Quick History of Panera Bread

Panera Bread will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017; however, it didn’t start under that name. Panera Bread was preceded by St. Louis Bread. St. Louis Bread was founded in 1987 by Ken Rosenthal, who sold the company in 1993. The new owners changed the name to Panera Bread, which literally means “Time of Bread” in Italian. The new owners focused on expanding the Panera Bread chain and set up a new headquarters in Sunset Hills, Missouri. As of today, Panera Bread has almost 2000 locations in 40 states as well as Canada.

Panera Bread’s Commitment To Health

Unlike a lot of large food chains, Panera Bread selects products and ingredients based upon a strong ethical foundation. While they still include ingredients like bacon in this products, they have an aim to only have what they call “clean ingredients”. Their ingredients are aimed to be natural, organic, when possible, and not having additional additives added to them. They have a goal to have all artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners removed from all of their ingredients by the end of 2016. To help with this, they have created a “No No List”, which is a list of ingredients that they have already removed or are in the processes of removing from their products.

In addition to healthy ingredients, they also are working hard to help their customers become informed consumers. In 2010, they became the first national restaurant to place the calorie information on their menus.

In 2008, Health Magazine judged Panera Bread as the healthiest fast casual restaurant in the country and they have continued to try and make their food healthier and tastier.

If you are interested in some healthy eating tips or recipes, the Panera Bread website at www. has a number of healthy recipes, tips and videos to help encourage healthy living and eating.

Social Commitment

In addition to encouraging healthy living, they also place a lot of emphasis on the well-being and care for the animals that are in their products. They work hard to ensure that the suppliers for their animal products do not keep the animals in confinement and are working to reduce unnecessary antibiotics. They have recently received a grade “A” rating in a report by the National Resources Defense Council.

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Great Choices at Panera Bread

Have you never been to Panera Bread? Are you looking for a new dish to try? Here are some recommendations that you may want to give a shot at or try and make at home.


1.New England Clam Chowder: While this may not be the healthiest item on the menu, at 570 calories per bowl, it is a warm and hearty soup to help fight off the winter chills.

2.Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup: If you are looking for a healthier choice, this soup still has the nice warmth that you would find in the chowder, but it comes in at only 260 calories a bowl. The creamy chicken soup is flavored with onion, celery and carrots.

Broth Bowls!

1.Thai Garden Chicken Wonton – This broth is made with ginger-chicken wontons, a low-fat vinaigrette and some nice seasoning which includes onions, cilantro and spinach. It is rich but not too heavy. You can also feel good knowing that it is only 290 calories a bowl.

2.Ricotta Sacchettini with Chicken – This pasta based broth has a lot of complexity. With a six-cheese filling in the pasta and with Parmesan in the broth, you have a nice cheesy experience. This dish is a bit heavier at 460 calories a bowl.


1.Tuna Salad Sandwich on Honey Wheat: This lovely sandwich is a pretty standard tuna salad with red onions, tomato, salt and pepper added to it. A good strong standby at 690 calories.

2.Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT on Sourdough: The name kind of says it all. You have nice plump turkey, with bacon, lettuce, tomato and some avocado. What more could you ask for? Oh, maybe some mayo, but they include that. This moth watering sandwich is only 690 calories.


1.Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa: This salad has got the works. From diced cucumbers and olives to feta and almonds. If you want to have an explosion of flavors, this is a great choice. For the full salad, you are looking at 510 calories.

2.BBQ Chicken Salad: This nice and healthy salad has got corn and frizzled onions added into it with some nice BBQ ranch dressing on top of the chicken. At only 450 calories, it is a nice choice.


1.Mac and Cheese: That is right, Panera bread has a great and hearty mac and cheese, that comes in at 960 calories per dish. So, if you are hungry, it is there for you.

2. Chicken Tortellini Alfredo: This creamy and cheesy dish has got a three-cheese filling for the pasta with extra Parmesan on top. At 750 calories, it will make for a good dinner if you feel like indulging.

With so many delicious and tasty things to eat, you will not go wrong visiting after you search Panera Bread Near Me.

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