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In any suburban or metropolitan area, a parking garage can prove welcome relief from the stresses and trials of street parking. Not only can you park your car for a certain length of time without worry, but you can preserve gas by not having to drive around in circles trying to find a legal street parking spot.

Are you interested in finding a parking garage near you? You’ve come to the right place. Ease your frustrations by browsing parking garage near me on the map below. You’ll find a comprehensive list of every parking garage located in a close proximity to your current point on the map. While you’re here, read up on interesting facts, trivia items, and even more! Maybe you’ll learn some interesting driving fodder to share later.

Parking Garage Near Me – Find it on the Map

Parking Garage Near Me – Parking Garage Trivia

Who invented the parking garage?

Like most great inventions in the past 200 years, the parking lot was born of necessity. Despite the commonality of parking garages, the history is kind of murky and less clear than that of the automobile itself. Consider these facts as you search parking garage near me. So who is actually credited with inventing the parking garage? No one knows for sure. Unlike so many inventions, the parking garage was more a vision of the collective whole rather than just one person. By the year 1929, there were reportedly 23 million cars on the roads in the United States. Parking quickly became an issue, especially in urban areas such as New York City and Philadelphia. There simply wasn’t enough space available for every car to be parked in a safe and proper way. The parking garage needed to be invented to solve this issue. Early engineers quickly scrambled to find a solution. Soon, multistory garages and car elevators were invented. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, designs were being drawn up for ramp style garages, including a design known as the “double helix.” The “double helix” featured two spiral ramps to get cars in and out of the structure with ease. To maintain sanity and safety, early garages were always staffed with professional parking attendants. Garages at this time did not allow owners to park their own cars, though many were designed with the driver in mind. A few garages offered whole dedicated levels just for women so that they would feel safe when returning to their vehicles. Other garages offered babysitting services for drivers as they shopped and perused local offerings. By the time the 1950s rolled around, the consumer driven country was experiencing a true parking garage boom time. Parking garages allowed more and more individuals to spend time in downtown areas. These areas were often economic hubs that cities and towns relied on for the overall well being of all citizens. The parking garage made it easy for anyone to spend the day out on the town. Whether shopping or buying from a local shop, parking garages were good for business.

parking garage near me

A parking garage is the difference between parking frustration and parking freedom!

Parking Garage Near Me – Parking Garage Facts

The Most Parking Spots

Is there really a way to calculate just how many parking spots a given country or city might potentially boast? Some say no way, while others have done their homework. As you search parking garage near me, you might think that the number of parking spots in the United States is somewhere in the realm of a million, maybe even two million. Well, that’s a good guess, but according to estimates, the total number of parking spots in the United States is more likely around the 2 billion mark. Around one third of these parking spots are reportedly located in parking lots. The geographical area consumed by lots is huge. Some have even come to the conclusion that parking spaces are the most predominantly seen landscape feature in the United States. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief, we can’t blame you. It seems like finding a parking spot has never been more difficult than it is in the modern age!

The True Benefit of A Parking Garage

If you’re searching parking garage near me, then you know that the one significant benefit of parking your car in a garage is avoiding parking tickets and parking fines. Want to know the city that doles out the most parking tickets and fines in a single year? If you guessed New York City, you hit the nail on the head. Anyone who has driven in New York City knows that parking in this metropolitan area is complete madness. Not only will your stress levels rise through the roof, but you can often drive around aimlessly for hours looking for a legal spot, only to come up high and dry. According to statistics, New York City made more than $534 million in parking ticket payments in 2013 alone. Every parking ticket given cost anywhere from $45 to $180. Not only is on street parking in New York City risky for the vehicle itself, but keeping tabs on street sweeping days, alternate side parking, and areas that only allow parking at certain times is truly headache worthy. The city with the second highest rate of parking tickets is Los Angeles, with around $250 million in revenue earned from parking tickets every single year.

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