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When traveling out of town or just trying to see a show, parking can be the one thing that separates an easy trip to a total headache. Knowing where you can find parking in advance not only alleviates the stress of traveling, it can allow you to choose the most cost effective lot or space. Whether you’re hitting the old dusty trail or exploring a major metropolitan area, finding parking has never been more simple.

Are you interested in finding parking near your current location? Browse parking near me on the map below and find parking lots, garages, and spaces available near your current location. Need a bit more information on parking? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the worst cities in the US for parking!

Parking Near Me – Find it on the Map

Parking Near Me – Parking Trivia

When was the first parking garage built?

In the modern day, parking garages and lots are as abundant as cars themselves; however, parking wasn’t always so convenient or abundant. As cars became more widely available and families started purchasing cars at a faster rate, the need of parking garages grew exponentially. The first multi-story parking garage was built in 1918. The parking garage was first built for the hotel La Salle and was designed by the architects Holabird and Roche. The parking garage was situated several blocks from the hotel, which proved highly convenient at the time as non-hotel guests were also granted access. When the hotel was demolished in 1976, the parking garage initially stayed. However this historic parking deck met its demise in 2005 when it was officially demolished to make room for new business. Early parking garages were always staffed with parking attendees. While many metropolitan areas still practice this, suburban areas tend to let drivers park and pay for themselves. Early garages forced patrons to drive up to the garage and hand over the car to an attendant. The car was then placed on a platform with car lifts and turntables to be automatically moved to the next available parking space. Consider this while searching parking near me!

parking near me

Parking garages can be tight and compact or open and spacious.

When were garages with ramps first created?

Garages with ramps first made an appearance in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Parking garages with ramps allowed patrons to move from one floor to the other on their own, which allowed them to park the car themselves. The delay in parking garages with ramps was the challenge to building the ramps themselves. Many engineers faced difficulties in trying to build ramps without compromising parking spaces. Too long of a ramp meant a loss of space, while too short of a ramp meant cars wouldn’t be able to drive up them. Due to the nature of building ramps, this type of garage came with a downside: less cars could be parked in the same amount of space in contrast to a mechanical garage because the ramps physically took up more space. This meant that garages had to get bigger in order to handle the number of cars looking to use the garage. While you’re searching parking near me, consider the role of ramps in parking garages.

Parking Near Me – Parking Facts

The Best Cities for Parking

If you’re searching parking near me, you may be wondering what cities in the US are best for driving and parking. Not only do the best cities boast limited amounts of traffic, gridlocks, and traffic jams; but these cities also offer low population density, which leads to a good deal of parking and open driving. Read on for the top ten best cities for parking: 1) Raleigh, North Carolina, 2) Bakersfield, California, 3) Wichita, Kansas, 4) Kansas City, Missouri, 5) Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6) Albuquerque, New Mexico, 7)Omaha, Nebraska, 8) El Paso, Texas, 9) Colorado Springs, Colorado, 10) Bakersfield, California. These cities will not only offer easy parking, they’ll be easy on your wallet with gas and driving related expenses as well.

The Worst Cities for Parking

Now that you know the best cities for parking and driving, check out the worst cities for parking while searching parking near me. What makes these cities so difficult to park and drive in: high population density, few parking spots, expensive garage parking, and gridlock traffic. Read on for a list of the worst cities to drive and park.

1. New York, New York

In the least surprising news of the century, New York is terrible to drive. Between high gas prices, gridlock and high population density, it is nearly impossible to find a parking spot in New York City. Though the metropolis boasts many garages, they tend to come at a high cost (as much as $30 for a ½ hour) and often fill up quickly on major holidays and weekends.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Not only do Chicago residents typically pay 30% more than the national average for gas, but high population density and traffic make it difficult to find a spot. The average Chicago citizen will spend 51 hours per year just sitting in traffic.

3. San Francisco, CA

Much like New York City, San Francisco boasts very little parking that isn’t a hard hit to the wallet. Though gas prices are reasonable, you’ll likely be stuck paying a high price at a parking garage. That is if you ever get out of the traffic you’ll likely sit in for a few hours first.

4. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is famously likened to an endless freeway, which typically costs the average commuter 61 hours per year just sitting in traffic. What’s worse, the sprawling city lacks any decent public transportation, which means citizens are often left scrambling for parking. With harsh parking rules, plenty of “no standing areas” and limited metered parking, Los Angeles can be a bit of a headache to say the least!

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland is scenic and quite beautiful to drive through, but parking will cost you. As a driving city, Portland residents often occupy side streets and free parking areas. You’ll likely end up visiting a garage and paying an above average amount for a few hours of fun in the city!

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